ME and me . . .
Friday's DT Challenge

In a million years . . .

I don't think I could duplicate in any way the experience I had today. 

Inadequate words but . . .

phenomonal.  unimaginable.  unpredictable.  chance of a lifetime.  incredible.

My Morning With Mary Engelbreit

a true unedited story by Nancy W


  • 8 a.m. Central Time: Deciding what to wear to Mary's studio.  Can't decide.  Dressed up or down?  Don't want to look too business-like.  Have to act as if I meet celebrities every day, right?  Decided to dress down and wear one of Tim Holtz' sweatshirts (well, not Tim's exactly, but one he designed).  Thought it was appropriate for the morning:

ME 1

I know it's a sweatshirt, but I did iron it.

  • 9 a.m. :  Leave the house.  My appointment is at 10 a.m., but Mary's studio is near a Starbucks.  Always a good idea to regroup before meeting the Queen. Right?  So just to make sure, I set the trusty GPS with Mary's address and off I go.
  • 9:30 a.m.:  This is absolutely NOT the correct way to Mary's.  Where in the world did my GPS take me.  And why am I listening to this body-less voice?  I'm in North County (near Florissant I think) what the h*&^%  !  Turn this d*&%$ thing off and get me to the church on time!
  • 9:55 a.m.:  Yep you read this right.  What should have taken me 20 minutes took me 55".  That's what I get for following that phantom voice. Finally, I pull up in front of Mary's studio.  My heart is pounding.  I leap out of the car with my Copics in hand.  In the front door:

ME 2

Whew.  In the right place.

I climb the steps to see this:

Mary 3

I was buzzed into the waiting area

and the first thing that caught my eye was this:



 How cute is this!


I'm allowed to take photos (WOO HOO) and Mary said it was OK if I posted them on my blog.  Sit back and enjoy this show, ME style!

Mary 4 edit

Mary 6
Mary 7

Mary 8

Mary 9
So far, this is all in the waiting/reception area!

Mary 12

Mary 10


  Mary 5

Mary 13

This is in her *conference* room:

Mary 14

 Mary 15

Mary 16

Above: Mary's glasses.  They're even cute and Mary-like!

And Jan takes me down the hall to peruse

The latest line of children's classics, illustrated by


Mary 17

Sweet, energetic Jan telling me about Mary's illustrations.
 Mary 18

 Then we get down to busy-ness with Mary & Copic Markers.

I took some tags (ala Tim Holtz) with me that were pre-stamped

so we'd have something to color and practice with.

I was coloring a pear tag - the colors pears normally are -

and then there's Mary coloring her pear.


I wanna blue pear too!

In her talented hands:
 Mary 19
 We colored for a bit.  Practiced with various tips

and then she started drawing.

I am sitting across from ME watching her draw and color

in her studio with my markers.

(Think any of that talent rubbed off on my Copics?)

By the time Mary finished coloring in that beautiful little face

she drew, it was angelic and the shading and highlighting were beyond reproach.


Mary 20

Mary 21

I was able to meet 2 of Mary's artists

 as well as her son Will

 and adorable Nina

(whose tiny little hand you see in the foreground) 

So sorry, but Nina did not want her picture taken

although she showed great artistry.

Guess I need to talk to her agent!

Mary 22

Look at the two photos above done by Mary's artists.

Their shadings are unbelievably real.

Mary 23
And near the end of my time at ME Studios,

here's Mary working on that dainty face.


What an experience.


And we're invited back for a complete studio tour

(once Nancy & Timi can make it)

with Jan (Queen of tours)


Jan, plan on lunch for sure! 



You are special for sure....WOW


What a fantastic experience!! Thanks for sharing...

Janine R.

How fabulous!!!


Oh What a FUN day!!!!!

Debby Schuh

What a fabulous lucky you are!


wow, that had to be inspiring!!

Staci Garrison

I am a huge ME fan and have been since the early 80's (you should see my collection of 'Mary' calendars!). You are so blessed to have spent time with her and THANK YOU for the peak into her world!


Nancy -- I have really enjoyed your tour of the ME studio. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

My favorite photo is the one of you taking the photo reflected in the mirror with the BIG eyeglasses.

Yolanda B.

Wow! What an experience!!!


Thanks for sharing this, Nancy. I hope you're going to her Home Companion Workshop next April!


Sounds like a dream!


Love the fact that you are reflected in the mirror photo - it proves you were there! One for the scrapbook I reckon!

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