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Playing along with The Altered Page . . .

The Altered Page is hosting a collaborative journey called Paper Stacks.  Considering how many journals and mini-books I have created over the years, I thought I'd play along. 

Stacks 1

Stacks 2

One of the books that is not in this stacks collaborative is the Graphic 45 book I just completed with Ken Oliver from Unibind.  Here's how that book turned out.

Ren Faire 1 

As you can see, it's all finished with Graphic 45's Renaissance Faire papers

and bound with the Unibind Photo Creator.

Ren Faire 2 

Ren Faire 3 

Ren Faire 4 

Ren Faire 5 

I had some photos left from my son's First Communion

(which was 20 years ago!).

Years ago I turned the corner from the traditional 12x12 format

to a format that includes mini-books capturing one event.

Ren Faire 6 

Ren Faire 7 

Ren Faire 8 
(oops, waiting to add photos to this page)

Ren Faire 9 

This page is a fold-out.

Ren Faire 10 

Ren Faire 12 

Ren Faire 13 

Hope you enjoyed this little adventure into The Altered Page




Yay! Got to see the inside. It's so lovely in every way. The colours, detailing, patterns, contrasts and lots of fold-outs, pockets and corners all waiting to be discovered and full of your memories...sigh... for the love of layers... Fabulous Nancy!


That stack of books is sensational. And thanks for showing the insides of one of the books too. Stunning work!


Yes, lovely stack and really fun to see the inside goodies.


gorgeous stacks and beautiful pages!


gorgeous and creative stacks you have there...must be a total delight to sit and turn the pages!

Stack On!

Ken Oliver

Nancy, this is absolutely gorgeous! You are amazing! The detail and embelishments are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us all! (and thank you for using Unibind).



soooooooo glad you played along!


There are so many elements included in your art. Love it!

donna joy

loved seeing the insides as well as your overview of books-

linda germain

quite a collection - thanks for sharing


Oh, how I would love to be able to dive into your stack and feast on every page with my eyes!! Keep smilng and creating. Gorgeous stacks


Wonderful stacks! Very cool, indeed!!!


So much happening in your journals, love the embellishing.

Carolyn K

Gorgeous inside and embelishments of the Unibind book. You're very quick, I didn't think anyone would be finished that fast. Wonderful mini. Speaking of mini's, I have the feeling that's not the only stack of mini's you have made over the years and I know one is more terrific than the other.


A lush and beautiful collection of journals...thank you for sharing your stacks!

Julie Hernandez


Nancy Pleimann

You did a great job on the book. I'm looking forward to finishing mine. It was a fun class. I think we will be seeing more of Ken in the furture. Nancy P.

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