Warning! 31 . . .
Today . . .

My new goal in life is . . .

to remember my camera! What's up with that. I can't remember to bring it anywhere.

Mother's Day = no camera

Out with my bro-in-laws and Beau, Lindsey and Bill = no camera

Perhaps I need to glue it to my hand.  Do you think Beacon 3-in-1 will work?

So, thankfully, Ann W took some pics of our last CYI trade that involved altering *book innards*.

BI 1

Love these handmade beads on the binding!

BI 2

Trish made this one:

BI 3

BI 4

Sue V made this one:

BI 5

BI 6

Ann made this one:

BI 7

Bonnie made this one:

BI 8

I made this one:

BI 9

Next month we are trading altered mouse traps.  You can see a sample here courtesy of Shelly Hickox. We had a discussion whether we thought Shelly used mouse traps or rat traps.  Sue V altered a rat trap and it was WONDERFUL! The mouse traps are so small that we didn't think Shelly used one.  She had so much detail on hers. BUT THE ANSWER IS YES she does use mouse traps. WOW! I'm even more impressed now. 

We had already made the decision to use rat traps so we'll stick with that. But can you believe how much detail Shelly gets on a tiny mouse trap!

So . . . 

to continue . . . 

I taught two classes yesterday at For Keeps Sake called Two Tag Tuesday.  

Two Tag Tuesday is all about techniques, trying new stuff and a general get-together. In class yesterday we used the new Tim Holtz Diffusers. LOVE! 

Diffusers 1

As you can see from the photo above, the Diffusers allow you to use your own embossing folders and diffuse where the embossed design will be.  For the bird tag above, I used a large oval diffuser so that the embossed design would be around the outside of the tag and the oval would not be embossed.

The diffusers come 3 designs to a pack for $13 (I think that price is right).  We have a 2nd shipment due any day now @ For Keeps Sake.  Get on the list and prepay so that we make sure we hold one for you.  You're going to love it!  Reserve yours by calling (314) 487-8131.

There I go again. Sorry. Anyway, I did remember my camera yesterday. Here are a few of my peeps, concentrating on diffusing and cutting and inking oh my!

Peeps 6

Peeps 5

Peeps 4

Peeps 3

Peeps 2

Peeps 1

Thank you each and every one of you!


Carolyn K

I feel your pain. I always forget mine here of late too and then I'm so disappointed. My kids tell me to use my camera on my cell phone. I have to do a little more with Photoshop but at least I have enough for a layout for the memories.

snapback new era

Ich wollte Ihnen für dieses große Lese-danke! Kein Zweifel, genießen Sie jeden Bissen davon muss ich wählen, um neue Dinge, die Sie verfassen zu sehen.

chaussures mbt homme

Ich mochte Ihr Blog. Es ist leicht zu lesen, ist der Inhalt gut, und du bist ein Kultautor Gegensatz zu den meisten Blogs, die ich bei der Suche zu diesem Thema bin. Ich werde noch einmal überprüfen und in der Zukunft sehen, wenn Sie mehrere Elemente haben. Vielen Dank für dieses Posting, ich schätze die Informationen und die Mühe, die Sie in die Stelle zu setzen.

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