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Saturday, May 19 - 10:30-4:30: Use Your Stash Bookbinding:  This month's bookbinding class will turn an ordinary book into something special.  I've not taught this bookbinding before so hope you can join me for something new and exciting!  I will supply the book and the cardstock pages (and instructions of course).  You bring paper from your stash to decorate the inside pages.  $25

Supplies needed for class:


 To make reservations for the above class

please call

For Keeps Sake


4530 Lemay Ferry Road - St. Louis MO 63129


and for the past . . . 

The good news: It's day two of my new goal and I was successful in remembering to bring my camera to work.  Sixteen students later and I forgot to take pictures.  At the very end (after so many people had left) my lightening speed memory (?) shot into action:

May 17 1

May 17 2

May 17 4

May 17 3

The Savvy Stampers had great success with all those adorable birds on a branch.  Next month's stamps are not in the store quite yet but I think you will love them.

June 6 will be all about butterflies and fireflies and lady bugs.

and July . . . I've decided on Christmas in July themed cards.

To get in on the Savvy Stampers classes

and keep the stamp set we use in class


For Keeps Sake Scrapbook (314) 487-8131



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