Couple of things to share this morning . . .

Such a good meet-up last night . . .

at CYI. If you're not attending these meet-ups, you're missing a great time (just sayin').

Here's the tea cup trade. 

Tea Cup 1


Tea Cup 2


Tea Cup 3


Tea Cup 4


Tea Cup 5


Tea cup 5A


Tea Cup 6

(UGH, I think I missed one photo. OH NO!)

Although we had a lot more people than trades, it just goes to show you that . . .

  • if you can make the trade, then that's good and jump in
  • if you can't make the trade, no problem. Come to CYI anyway 'cause there's always a lot more going on.
  • no pressure to trade. If you want to join the trade, just show up that night with what you've created.

See how easy!

Dena brought in some beautiful bracelets she made with her niece. The base of the bracelet was a piece of silverware top i.e., top of a fork, spoon, etc. Then beads and a clasp were added. Gorgeous pieces!

Then after the trade, Vicki showed us how she put together her toilet paper roll book. She shared great tips with us of how to make things easier, finish edges, etc.  Some of the gals brought along supplies to play along.

Demo 1


Demo 2


Demo 3


Demo 4

Great job Vicki. Thank you so much!

Demo 5

And . . . TA DA . . . Jennifer is back with us! So good to see her walking again. Stay with us Jen and say *hi* to your beautiful daughter Taylor.

NEXT MONTH: We are creating our own version of toilet paper roll books.  Any theme. Any way you want to bind them.  Make one and bring it in to trade. There are a gazzilion ideas on you tube. Just go here:

Hope to see you

2nd Tuesday of each month

6 pm


For Keeps Sake - 4530 Lemay Ferry Road - St. Louis MO 63129


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