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Confessions: Splatter paint and pork chops . . .

I have questions and hope you have answers please . . . 

Pork chops

(These are NOT my pork chops!)

A confession: I can't cook pork chops. Well, I can but not tender, juicy pork chops. What's your trick for making them super tender and juicy? Plus I want them nicely browned.

And another thing . . . 

I can't get random splatter paint drops on my scrap pages to come out the way I want them to. Is there a good way to control splatters when paper crafting? What's your best trick please? I'm looking for controlled chaos if that's possible!

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two random winners will be chosen for a prize drawing.

(one pork chop winner and one random splatter paint winner)

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Answers needed by April 9, 2017.

Thank you.


Melinda Cox

For paint splatters....have you tried using an acrylic block? Put the medium you out ant to splatter on the block. Add water. I use a fan brush and flick the water mixture from the edge of the block around my desired page/paper. I go in tiny bits at a time. Keep adding paint and water and flicking til I get the desired effect.

Nancy Wethington

Thanks Melinda. I haven't tried that. Great idea!

Dolly (scrapthat)

Oh my...them pork chops look YUMMY! LOL I use shake n bake it's the only way I get jusy browned pork chops (I turn mine halfway because I use a convection oven.) I too wish I could fry them up without drying them out!
As for the splatters, I was going to say use the block or I have Tim's Splatter brush and I do my BG and splatter the whole thing. LOL there are stamps that are in small dots and splatters


For random spatter I use an old toothbrush or mascara wand and roll or dip in slightly diluted paint then run a thin chopstick along the hairs of the brush from one end to the other. Or I will use my finger to run through the hairs of the brush.


For paint splatters I use a fan brush and hit it against another paint brush. I do cover areas that I don't want splatters to go because unfortunately you cannot control where they will land. Depending on the size of the splatter you want will depend on the amount of paint you load up on the brush and water used. I like really fine splatters and will keep the paint thinner. If I want bigger splatters I have been know to use alcohol inks shaken over my project.


Juicy Pork chops - I use a non stick skillet with 2 tablespoons of butter - heat your pan first, season and flour 3/4" chops. Brown about 4-5 minutes in the hot pan, turn then cook for 3-4 minutes. Test the middle - if juices run clear then the chop is done.

Mary Schremp

Here's my pork chop recipe. Using a cast iron skillet... I place several tablespoons of oil in the bottom. I roll my pork chops in an egg and then flour and place them in the skillet... salt and pepper to taste. Don't have the heat up too high... keep it medium so the chops can brown slowly... flip when one side is done and then brown other side. Once both sides are brown to your liking, I add a small amount of water to skillet.. maybe 1/4 cup or less depending on size of your skillet etc. cover skillet with aluminum foil and place in a preheated 275-300 long you bake them is based on how thick the chop... so I'd check them after 1/2 hour... and continue checking every 1/2 hour-45 minutes. They will get super soft and the meat will fall off the bone... key is don't be in a hurry and have either the stove heat or oven heat too might say it's a labor of love.. my mom taught me this and she was an awesome cook!

Kim Dambach

For Pork Chops: i brown the quickly on each side using butter or olive oil. Then I bake them in Oven Bags. That seems to keep the chops. moist. Also, Metakers has the best stuffed pork chops!

Kim Dambach

Splatter paint: I use 2 brushes, one with water downed paint on it and tap it with other brush. The amount of paint on the brush causes different size splattering

Janis Shrable

Hey Nancy, You made me hungry for pork chops so I had to buy some and fix them for dinner Monday night. I use bacon grease not a lot just enough to coat the bottom of my electric skillet good maybe a couple of tablespoons. Heat the bacon grease until it's good and hot about 375 to 400 degrees, I coat the chops in flour with salt and pepper added and place them in the hot grease. I let them cook without turning until the flour on the top is all wet. I turn them usually just one time. How long will depend on how thick your pork chops are. If the top side is not quite brown enough I may turn them for a short time on that side again.

Janis Shrable

For splattering paint I wet an old toothbrush a little in water and then dip it into the paint and use my finger to run across the bristles. It usually works just fine.

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