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Holiday Hideaway Charms - Done . . . Finis . . . the End!

One goal met today . . .

Totally finished with the Holiday Hideaway charm swap.  All 42. Signed, sealed and soon to be delivered. Whew. 

HH Charms

Holiday Hideaway is a very special weekend spent with "the man himself" - Tim Holtz.  We, thankfully and gratefully, were invited to attend again this year.  It is the most amazing weekend ever!

The "we" referred to in the previous post was known as the St. Louis Six: Aleeta; Missy; Nancy N; Sue; Timi - and me.  We have adopted Wendy Vecchi into our fold so we are now the St. Louis Seven.

We are in the final countdown phase - with a mere 10 days before we board a flight for Arizona.  There are no words to describe how amazing this entire experience was last year.  I can't imagine that we have the opportunity to experience it again this year.

Tim, Sharon, Mario and anyone else who is helping put this unbelievable experience together - thank you in advance.  You guys rock the house down

Stories about Holiday Hideaway will, of course, be posted along with photos when we return. 

Working with the girls . . .

I absolutely adore Karen Stolper stamps.  She is a fabulous artist whose whimsy comes out in every character she creates.  This month, I'm working with one of her Christmas "Santa's". 

First colored them in with Copic Markers.  I love Copic Markers because . . .

  1. it's an alcohol based ink
  2. makes blending colors easy
  3. the color does not cover over the image underneath, making it the perfect marker for rubber stampers.

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Next added Flower Soft (the Christmas blend) and then, of course, Stickles.

My last step will be to cut out the images, run them through my Xyron and attach them to my ATC.

How relaxing is it to sit and color!

Karen Stolper

Dontcha just love those girls!

Christmas Chunky Books

The "chunky book team" put all the finishing touches on the Christmas chunky books and are they ever cute.  They'll be given out at our next CYI (Create Your Imagination) - a free meet-up with Nancy and the gang . . .

For Keeps Sake Scrapbook

2nd Tuesday of every month

6:30 pm


Chunky book 

As a reminder to those of you who signed up for the ATC swap

please contribute

13 Holiday ATC's

We added Carolyn after the last meet-up.

Thank you!

Shopping Day @ For Keeps Sake

Think of me as Santa's Helper.  I'm here to help you plan your shopping trip to For Keeps Sake on Friday - the biggest sale day of the year at For Keeps Sake.

I know you're all busy today either baking, eating, taking naps . . . whatever. So sit back and don't worry about a thing.  I'm taking care of everything for you.

Here's the strategy:

  • 7:30 a.m.: If I were you, I'd be in line at For Keeps Sake Scrapbook.  4530 Lemay Ferry Road - less than a 1/2 mile from I-270 & Lemay Ferry Road Interchange and just 12 minutes from I-270 & Manchester Road. Whew.
  • 8 a.m.:  Doors open at For Keeps Sake

Walk in the door at 8 a.m.:

  • Grab (nicely please) your special 40% off coupon from one of us.
  • Grab a shopping basket.
  • Walk straight down the main aisle (next to the cash wrap), turn left at the classroom door.  Make another sharp left.  That's where the BIG SHOTs are located!  Grab one.  Then turn around at . . .

8:05 a.m.:

  • Peruse the rest of the classroom where there are unbelievable deals starting at $1.50 each.  OMG - can you believe it! HURRY!  It's the table in the center of the classroom - located right behind the Big Shots. Walk around this table grabbing all the bargains until you get to

8:15 a.m.:

  • The Sizzix table where you can purchase dies that fit in your BIG SHOT. Most of these are deals the girls made on Sizzix alphabet dies.
  • The 1/2 off table - located in the classroom against the far wall.

Aren't you glad I'm here planning your strategy?

So, by 8:20 a.m. - you should be outta there and into the "normal" part of the store.  This is the part that's all 40% off - WHAT! - until 10 a.m. (if you received a special coupon from us!)

8:20 a.m.:

  • Walk out of the classroom and look under the tree.  This is where those adorable satchels are for the BIG SHOT.  Cute as ever.  Black and white.  UNDER the tree.  Appropriate right?  Grab one of those and then . . .
  • walk towards the K&Company cabinets.  Just in front of the K&Co cabinets there is a large white square cabinet loaded with great things for your BIG SHOT.  This is where all the specialty plates are located.  These plates allow you to use any dies with your BIG SHOT.  You'll want one of each.  There are 4 different packages all together.  Two on one side and two on the other of that display.
  • Now that you're there and you have everything you need for your new BIG SHOT. . .
  • breathe easy.
  • you may need some refreshments by now.  There's cookies and wassail in the classroom.  Please help yourself. 

8:30 a.m.

  • Now time to shop around with your 40% off coupon in hand.  Take your time.  There's plenty to look at and where ya gonna go anyway?  This is the best place to be the day after Thanksgiving - the happy place.  And better yet, there's still time to stock up on supplies and get those holiday projects made.

For those of you too tired to be in line when the store opens . . . no worries . . . we have a 30% off coupon for you.  Just be there by 12 Noon.

and . . .

have to work Friday?  IF you shop For Keeps Sake after 5 pm, there's something special waiting

and all planned just for you.

Enjoy your turkey high today. See you @ For Keeps Sake tomorrow.

Bright & early!


Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is one of the best days of the year.

Family at the door,

just waiting to enter a home

filled with the sweet smell of roasting turkey and home baked pies.

(ok. Sam's did our pies but that's another story.)

Last year was not so happy.  Our son was in Iraq during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  It seemed that every minute of those days was filled with thoughts of him and his safety.  Thanksgiving is Beau's favorite holiday.  All his cousins are over.  Granparents start telling stories about their youth.  His friends pop in after dinner for leftovers.  All in all a great day to spend at home. Only he was in the desert - so far away - not even a hug could reach him.

This year, although he'll spend Thanksgiving at 29 Palms California (his base), knowing that he is on U.S. soil is extremely comforting.  You can only imagine how comforting if you're the parent of a soldier. 

And I thought sending him off to college was bad!

So on this special family day . . .

thank you to all who serve.

thank you to all who prayed for my son's safey.

thank you God for keeping him safe.

Happy Thanksgiving baby boy!



Not just saying this because I work there . . .

I can't wait until Friday at 8 a.m.  The doors open early at For Keeps Sake and I'll be in line to purchase The Big Shot.  Have you seen this baby?

Big Shot

This is the die-cutting machine I've been waiting for.

It cuts everything

with everyone's dies

no matter who made them.



it takes

Sizzix, Quickutz (remember those!), Cuttlebug & MORE!

Cut or emboss or both.

You can die-cut chipboard, FELT, acrylic and the list goes on.

Normally $100.

For Keeps Sake has them on Friday for


1/2 off!

My sis-in-law (Hi Pat!) wants one too. 

 It will be a Christmas present from my brother (Hi Greg).

And we're both purchasing

the special plates that will let us use all the different dies

including Sizzix 12" long dies!

OK - I'm letting you in on a secret.

I saw the Big Shot in the receiving room @ FKS.

Even though there's cases upon cases of them

they're shipped 2 in a case.

We do have lots of them


they will go fast!

So be there at 8 a.m. when the doors open.

grab a



get a great shopping coupon (40% off) of your

regularly priced merchandise (early bird special 8 am - 10 am).


You should see the door-buster specials

For Keeps Sake will be offering

that they haven't even told you about yet!

You'll have to show up on Friday morning to find out.

But, I'm here to tell ya . . . .




A Cabin In The Woods

There's something comforting about a little cabin in the woods.  I picture a stone fireplace - extra large opening and huge logs burning brightly so as to light up the entire room.  An oversized chair.  A cozy lap quilt.  A good book.  And the night is complete.

Here's my version of a cabin in the woods:

Tuesday, January 13.  1 pm - 4 pm.

Cabin In The Woods 1

Cabin In The Woods 2

Join me on January 13 for this fun-to-put-together two-sided project.  Reservations may be made by calling For Keeps Sake @ (314) 487-8131.

In addition to basic supplies, here's what I used:

  • Red, orange and green paints for the "rooftops" (Dabbers work great)
  • Distress Inks:  Any browns; Lipstick Red; Pine Needles
  • Tim Holtz Tonic Scissors (these little work horses will not only cut paper and ribbon - but I cut my popsicle sticks with them!)
  • Crimper
  • Good wet glue such as K&Company.
  • Brayer to spread the glue evenly.
  • Crop-a-dile

Hope to see you there!

Bookbinding & Signatures

Date: Thursday, January 8, 2009

Time: 10:30 am to 3:30 pm

Place:  For Keeps Sake

Price:  $40

Finally working on what I should be doing!  Here's the cover of the Carol Wingert-style bookbinding class.  Learn to alter your own hardbound books and create signatures in this one-of-a-kind class.

We're staying all day so BYO Lunch (yes you may use our fridge and microwave) and let's have some fun with this totally unique opportunity. 

There's no end to what you can create once you learn this technique.

Here's a pic of the cover.  It's dark.  We all know I'm not good at photography and we're using a big piece of fragment on the cover to place over your photograph.

So here's the dark version:

Altered Book 1

and the one with the glare so you can see how the fragments will be used:

Altered Book 2

Everyone will use the same paper and embellishements. 

 Just so you're prepared, the ticket words and key words will vary for each person.

For this class you will need:

Basic Supplies

A hardback book that measures approximately 9” tall x 8” wide with a binding/spine that is approximately 1.5” wide/deep. This is actually a standard size book. We will gut the inside of the book so please do not purchase a book that is an antique or that you won’t want to alter.

A very large needle with a HUGE eye.

We’ll use this needle to “thread” our signatures together. You will have to pull some mighty thick thread through the eye of the needle.

A craft pick

or an awl or Japanese hole punch or Fiskars punch with very small bit. You will use these to punch holes in the book spine and in each signature section.

Two pencils

– one sharp – one dull. The dull pencil will be used for separating the book pages from the spine. The sharp pencil will be used to mark your signatures.

Craft knife & craft mat

- used to cut the pages from the spine

I will supply you with 2 buttons for the spine of your book. However, if you prefer to use vintage buttons, please BYO.

Black Dabber paint

  • We will be using Creative Imaginations black and cream colored papers.
  • When I look for a book to alter, I try to find a title that meets my idea for my altered book. With this project, you may use the completed book for any purpose. Therefore, perhaps decide the purpose of your book first and then try to search for a title that would be appropriate. And if you’re lucky enough to find a book with a black spine (or one that goes with black and cream paper) & a terrific title then – woo hoo – you’ll avoid one step in this bookbinding process.

To sign up for this class call

For Keeps Sake Scrapbook (314) 487-8131.


with making these books.  Need to stop myself so I can work on my classes.  But I just can't.  They're too fun and so easy - once you learn the trick that I learned from Carol Wingert.

Watch for a similar class coming to you @ For Keeps Sake Scrapbook.

Date: January 8

Time:  10:30 am 

Here's another book I just finished this morning.  Sending it off to a friend in Arizona.

Book 1

Bragging Rights

You know our buddy Linda Cain who has taught at For Keeps Sake.  Well, look at this:

Maya Road just announced Linda Cain as first runner-up winner of their Home For The Holidays contest.  Visit Linda's blog to see more photos of her amazing work:

Linda, thank you so much for the inspiration you bring to each of us.

Lady - YOU ROCK!