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Carol Wingert Designs

Finally got around to finishing this adorable

Carol Wingert designed C-R-E-A-T-E banner. 

Carol wingert copy  

Tweaked a couple of really minor things, but this is all Carol!

Love, love, love her designs!

May 4 Class: Star Book

Just in time for Mother's Day, here is a mini-book class I'll be teaching @ For Keeps Sake on Monday, May 4.

The class begins at 10:30 am and lasts until ????.  BYO lunch please.  I'm anxious to see old friends and teach again after a month-long vacation!

Sign up for this class by calling

For Keeps Sake (314) 487-8131 tomorrow (Thursday)

or better yet, come in tomorrow for the BIG store-wide sale!


LOVE Teresa Collins designs.

It's my colors:  Red, Black, Cream, White with a little Gold thrown in.  What's not to love!  I picked up this kit at CKC St. Louis and finally completed it.  Added some Clear Scraps on the cover and a corner from Tim Holtz Idea-Ology.  Not all the pages are shown, but you'll get the idea.  Teresa is one of my favorite designers!  She makes mini-books so much fun with all the inter-active components.

TC Cover copy

TC 3 copy 

TC 4 copy 

TC 5 copy


Nature wins!

Our CYI (Create Your Imagination) puzzle swap vote is complete.  The theme for our puzzle swap is NATURE!

Thanks for voting. 

Please bring your puzzle pieces (with name on the back of each piece) to the next CYI meet-up (May: 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 6:30 pm).  We'll swap pieces and return them the following month (June: 2nd Tuesday 6:30 pm).

Scrap St. Louis 2009

OMG how much fun was this past weekend!  I was so lucky to be a part of For Keeps Sake Scrap St. Louis.  And boy, did we have one of the best group of artists anywhere!

Take a look:


Our opening speaker, Mary Engelbreit.

Mary's dry sense of humor wow'd the crowd.

And I wish you could have been there to see our panel of artists

taking notes and being so captivated by one of their idols!

It was so cute.


Margie and Wendy: Two great personalities and instructors.

Their projects rocked!


Rebecca from Streuter and Stephenie from Fiskars.

We love these gals.  Can't you just tell how much fun they were!


Carol Dickson who T.A.'d for Linda Cain.

Linda's project was all about Vintaj and Ten Seconds Studio.


Cheryl Mezzetti from Creative Imaginations with Margie.

We all fell in love with Cheryl and her adorable BAW-ston accent.

And is she ever talented!


Although not a great photo of her, that's Joey Otlo

(second from the right).

Joey represented Bazzill and taught a whole new concept

for scrapbooking in a 12x12 format.

Thanks to her best friend Terri.

Love you girls!


Our exclusive panel of instructors.

That's Jackie & Janet on the far right

the gals who started and own and design and . . .

Clear Scraps.

The nicest girls you'd ever want to meet!


Timi & Nancy with Stacy Julian and Teresa Collins.

Everyone loved Teresa's project and adorable personality.

Stacy helped us end our weekend with encouragement to

surround yourself with people who encourage you.


This was the best weekend - no kidding!  No divas.  Each artist who joined us had fabulous personalities - both in and out of the classroom.  I love each and every one of them.  They were fun, captivating, talented and each project helped you learn something wonderful.

And for those of you who have asked . . .

YES, we are working on Scrap St. Louis 2010.  Stay tuned!

Challenge is good . . .

except when it involves fabric.  I do not - with a capital do not - like to sew or play with fabric or anything remotely connected with it.  However, I'm in an ATC swap with the theme "fabric".  That should teach me to go out of town and tell my girls to "sign me up" no matter what!

So I played this a.m.:

First had to go to Joanne's for fabric and chose these + 1 other you'll see in a sec:

ATC Fabric stamped copy

Then chose some of Studio 490 (Wendy Vecchi's) stamps from Stampers' Anonymous.  Used Ranger's Black Archival ink and stamped images onto the fabric.  Let dry for a couple of minutes and cut out.

ATC large flower cut out copy

Used a combination of pinking shears and Tim Holtz Tonic scissors to cut.  Then the experimentation started.  First tried Mod Podge, then spray starch and finally varnish to create a stiffer piece of fabric (remember, I'm not a seamstress.  There's probably something out there that will do the job just like that. *Snap your fingers here please*)

Anyway, as you can see from the above photo, once I tried applying any of the 3 "finishes", the edges of these flowers started curling up.  Yippee!

Then had to find something to use as pop dots.  I knew regular pop dots would not adhere to fabric, but remembered that Wendy used grungeboard in one of the classes I took from her.  So, dug out some grungeboard and applied Adirondack Cranberry Color Wash to them:

ATC Color wash copy

Waited for everything to dry.  Talked to my girlfriends to set-up what we call "craft club" for today.  Made breakfast (especially since these little grungeboard pieces looked like pepperoni) and then started stacking:

ATC last copy

ATC 2nd last copy 

Background is a Studio 490 Bingo stamp.

Center yellow felt flower and stamens from my stash.

The "shine" stem is a piece of paper tinsel I bought a couple of years ago in KC.

Tinted the paper with Tim Holtz Distress Ink (Ranger).

Jennifer T - please spill the beans!

Picked up my ATC's from our last trade at For Keeps Sake.  They were all adorable! What was most intriguing was the ATC that Jennifer T created:

Jennifer's ATC

Of course I loved the vintage image, but what was most unusual was the texture.  I'm touchin' and feelin' and thinkin' "how'd she do this"?

I turned it over to see who signed the back and it's on sand paper!

So Jen, how'd you do this?

I don't think it's stamped.

Did you run it through your printer?  Without ruining your printer?

Do tell you clever girl!


Here's the book I started before meeting Beau in Vegas.  It's semi-finished . . . because I'll wait until I have a purpose for it and then add photos and more embellishments, tags, fru-fru (sp?), etc.

Book Cover copy 

Book page 1 copy

Book page 2 copy 

Book page 3 copy 

Book page 4 copy

 Book last page copy

We're home!

What a whirlwind trip!  Bill and I flew to Vegas last Thursday to meet up with Beau.  Vegas - because that's the nearest city to 29 Palms with decent air fares.  Our goal was to meet up and then drive through Bryce & Arches National Park, through Vail with at least a 2 or 3 day stop there, then Kansas City then home.

The weather on our "northern" route did not cooperate.  And when we saw the high of 28 and low of 21 degrees in Vail, we quickly changed our route and headed south.

So from Vegas . . .

to Flagstaff (and was really tempted to stop in Prescott)

to . . .

Santa Fe (love, love, love this city!)

to . . .

Joplin (Beau's getting anxious to get home)

and now, he's home!

HE's home 1

He's home! 

It is so good to have him home!