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Let's get busy and show some photos!

A sign hanging on the Ten Seconds Studio wall:

Get Busy 

The Studio is so inspiring.  So much artwork hanging around! Here's a few pieces:









and this is just a few pieces.  Can you imagine how inspirational this place was!

Saturday, we worked with Cheryl and her team so we could learn some basics using Ten Seconds Studio products.  What was so wonderful about this class is that we practiced technique and then made a project.  Love that!


Sunday morning we worked with both Cheryl & Tim:


our man Mario - tall, dark and handsome



Yet another piece of artwork from "the man" himself.

Wouldn't you love to get into his head just for a few minutes?

And now (drum roll please) our project for the day:


oh my gosh . . . oh my gosh . . . oh my gosh

this was incredible

And here's Timi, Nancy and friends working on our projects:


Tamara (remember her from Scrap St. Louis 2008?) working on her book project on Saturday.


Shermala (a Scrap St. Louis 2008 attendee)

It was fun catching up with these 2 great gals!


New and talented friend Lisa.


Nancy with the start of her frame project.


Timi with her book project.


Another gorgeous book in the works.


More tomorrow!

What a fabulous weekend!

We just got back from Dallas - all certified and raring to go with the beautiful metalwork we learned at Ten Seconds Studio.  At least I think we're certified.  Or did Cheryl say we were certifiable?

What a great weekend we spent with Cheryl, Meghan, Tim & Mario!  What more could a girl want!

I'll have lots of postings this work, in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photos of artwork from the Ten Seconds Studio:

Meghan in the Studio 

Meghan in the Studio.  Don't you love those letters!

Carolyn K's cousin 

Carolyn K's darling cousin.  We loved her!


A Monday "Shout Out"

You know we love Tim & Wendy & Cheryl & . . . .

but did you know that one of my favorite artists in the entire world is

Carol Wingert

I love everything she cleverly creates. Her kits are chock full of product and her directions sublime!  And she's agreed to teach at Scrap St. Louis 2010.  Can't wait to meet her in person.


Carol, thank you for all your amazing inspiration!

The 2nd project with Ten Seconds Studio

I needed a little notebook to take with me to my Copic Marker Certification class.  I covered this little book and then got to class and started *coloring* the book with Copic Markers. I wanted to see if I could get the recesses of the tin even darker.  It somewhat worked, but not as smooth as I wanted.   

IMG_0552 copy

with Tim . . .

at Holiday Hideaway last year, we made these teensy books using Ten Seconds Studio tin.  I had played with this medium before, but was not very good at it.  Tim made it much easier!

HH book

We're off to see . . .


We're off to see the Wizard.

The wonderful Wizard of Ink.

Nancy N, Timi and I are leaving on a jet plane (are you getting sick of all these references to songs yet?) for Dallas today.  We're taking one of the fantastic classes that Tim Holtz will be teaching at Stamp Asylum followed by a session at Ten Seconds Studio to become (hopefully) a Certified Instructor.  Tim is also teaching a special class there on Sunday. 

In between we'll be visiting rubber stamp and scrapbook stores in the area (one of our fave things to do.  I got a great list of not-to-be-missed stores thanks to the forum on 2PEAS.

You know I'll have stories to tell when we return!

Missy's for Amanda!

A few of us were invited to Missy's for a "St. Louis-style" dinner in honor of Amanda.  If you've been to For Keeps Sake anytime within the last 2 months, you've probably met Amanda, who has been in charge of our special sale.  We love her gentle spirit, her fabulous sense of humor and her talent!  She immediately fit right in with all our wacky personalities.

Amanda will be leaving St. Louis soon.  This was the last night we could all get together so St. Louis foods were in order.  First, Jimmy (Missy's husband) barbecued the most delicious pork steaks.  Tender, juicy, just enough sauce.  Mmmmmmm.

Sue & Nancy N made Rich & Charlie's salad:

Rich & Charlie 

I *made* (Louisa brand from the freezer) toasted ravioli's:

Toasted Ravs 

and Bill picked up some Gus' pretzels:


Timi brought funny stories that made us laugh out loud all night.

Jan brought Ronnoco coffee.

Sue brought Fitz's root beer and I brought a bottle of wine from St. James winery.  I was looking for Bardenheier wine but couldn't locate any (running short of time yesterday)! 

We ended our fab dinner with Missy's gooey butter cake:

Gooey Butter 

Here's Amanda tasting her first toasted ravioli:


and opening gifts that Sue made for her:

Amanda 2 

and Nancy N & Timi gave:

Amanda 3 

As you can imagine Missy's home is gorgeous.  Little vignettes of photos, mementos and artwork everywhere.  It's a feast for the eyes.

Amanda, we will definitely miss seeing you every day.  We've made a new friend for life!

Creative Imaginations Class!

The books turned out beautifully.  The class was a blast.  We worked with those gorgeous Creative Imaginations papers, grungeboard, grunge paper, Studio 490 stamps, Distress inks and Clear Scraps.

Class 8 

Class 6 

Class 5 

Class 4 

Class 3 

Class 2 

Class 1 

And one happy "mistake":  Judy over-inked her Bazzill dotted swiss paper (at least to her taste it was onver-inked). Since she used Distress Inks on it (a waterbased ink), I suggested she use a mini-mister and tone down the color.  Which she did.  And once she did that, she got this little gleam in her eye and said "I want to crumple this paper up" and she did.  When she uncrumpled the paper, she decided to take her Distress Inks and run it along the peaks.  Here's her happy "mistake":

Class 7

Drum roll please . . .

Introducing the newest addition to our family,

Braeden James

Kurt & Laura and Bill & I have been friends for years (and years and years).  They had one child, a girl, Allie.  We had one child, a boy, Beau.  We always said Beau was the son they never had and Allie was the daughter we never had.  Beau and Allie got along like brother and sister.  Sometimes supporting each other.  Sometimes fighting (he's touching me).  You know how that goes.  Vacations together.  Fishing trips together.  Growing up together.

Allie just had her first baby and he's gorgeous:  Braeden James.  We visited Kurt last night and I could not let go of that beautiful baby - except long enough to get these photos:

Sweet baby b 1 

Dana and Baby B

Baby b 3 

Uncle Bill and Baby B

Baby B 

Uncle Beau and Baby B

(Beau was a little uneasy holding this 7 pound baby and afraid he was going to drop him.  So funny - especially considering he carried a 70 pound flack jacket through the desert on a daily basis!)

Baby b 2 

Beau, Allie and Braeden

Isn't he gorgeous!  Such a little miracle.