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"Decking the Halls" booklet . . .




Xmas 2 & 3 

inside cover and intro page

Flower Soft

Making Memories

misc ephemera

index prints from my Epson PictureMate

*on the desk: the next 2 pages still in the works*


Xmas 4

love this little sleigh and pen nib!

next set:

Xmas 5A 

K&Co overlays

Xmas 5

next 2 pages:

Xmas 6

Xmas 7

last one for today

Xmas 8

decided to paint with Stickles on the tiny spots of the ornaments:

Xmas 9

then popped up the ornaments and added wax thread for strings


More completed today - 12/1/09:

Xmas 11

This is a premade mini-album.

See the *shiny* page on the right?

You may add an overlay to premade mini-books:

Xmas 12

Cut overlay to size.

Punch with bind-it-all.

Cut slits from the end of the page into the bind-it-all holes.

Slip into position in your book.

Xmas 13


Mounted the K&Co embellishment

on top of an inked & stamped Maya Road disk 

to use as a *lift* for this inter-active page

Xmas 15









All preliminary is in place.

Now I'll go back and see if I want to/need to

add bling, more ribbon, buttons, etc.   

Beginnings . . .

Started a new project today.  Decided that I've never documented what our house looks like at Christmas.  Not that it's much, but I have several things I'm totally and emotionally attached to.  And I can just imagine Beau throwing it all away when I die.

Not that I'm ready to die you understand.  But it is the big 60 today so feel even more of a need to get stuff written down,  pics of the family pasted in decorated pages, etc. etc.  I figured if I did something every day with all the photos I have and stories to tell, I may get finished within the next 40 years - maybe.

So today I started a "Favorite Things" mini-book.  And got all my pics taken and the cover done.  Ran around the house with my camera taking pictures of our house - all decked out for the holidays.  It's amazing how much we didn't put up this year!  Yet it's still pretty crowded. 

Here's the cover.  As I get more pages finished I'll post them for your approval.

Favorite things

Went through some of my old and new stash and ended up using

Nostalgique corners

*remember all the fabulous things

Rebecca Sower created for this line!*

Here's her blog:  http://rebeccasower.typepad.com/

Making Memories frame

Cosmo Cricket paper

Basic Gray letters

7 Gypsies knob

Stampers Anonymous stamp. 

Frosted Designs DT Challenge

This week, our challenge was to use the same shape in various sizes.  I chose a tag shape and (surprise here) decided to do a mini-book.  Using various size tags, here's what I ended up with:

Tag 1A

Love mixing acrylic with paper.

The cover is acrylic

stamped with a Christmast tree


added a grungeboard deer.

Tags 1

Tags 2

TAgs 3

Tags 4

Tags 5A

Tag 5b

Tags 5

Tags 6

Tags 7

Tags 8



Please forgive this indulgence . . .

family photos for my brothers-in-law (Carl, Tom, Pat) who couldn't make it to town and my nephew Tom who is currently working in the Phillipines.  We missed you guys!  Here's the fam:






the kids discovered the dog door:





setting up for a game of *rana* in the garage:











Hey Tommy Boy, check out the centerpiece.

I replaced the pumpkin with the shoes you brought me from Amsterdam.
















2009 11 26_0871_edited-1


Very Thankful

to have my son home this Thanksgiving.  Don't have to worry about his deployments any more.  Praying for those who are deployed . . . and thankful for their courage.

to have had the Dad I had.  The most generous, compassionate man I ever knew.  A tender-hearted, patient family man, who taught us unconditional love.


to have had the Mother-In-Law I had.  Girls take note: This is the kind of mother-in-law we should aspire to be.  Took care of my paralyzed Father-In-Law for years without one complaint.  Then macular degeneration took her site and still no complaints.  Happy to be alive and always ready for a good party - or should I just say "party" - good or bad!  Never preached to us about what she thought we should be doing.  Always happy to hear from us.



Manhattan's and Ice Tea's all around today for both of you.


Coloring with Copics

Just a little relaxation before all the baking starts this morning.  And what better way to relax than by coloring.  My favorite coloring tools are Copic Markers.  The blending is unbelievably easy and the paper never balls up because you're using too much ink (or water if using watercolor pencils).  I know you know what I mean!

So this morning,

a little stamping


a little coloring

= relaxation

Card 3

Card 2

Card 1

and now

the turkeys await!

(talkin' the food variety here)   

One table down and one to go . . .

I've mentioned before how weird this Thanksgiving is going to be . . . in both a good and bad way.

In January we lost my mother-in-law.

In April Beau finished his 4 years in the Marines with two tours to Iraq and returned to us safe and sound.

In July my Dad died after a really quick 3 day illness.

In October, my nephew transferred to the Philippines to keep his job for another 5 months

and this year my Aunt was put into a care home for those suffering from Alzheimer's.

Since we got married in 1972 I've been having Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  This year the tradition continues with the exception of the number of people we're having.  Only 23.  That's a fairly low number for us.

My *relax* time before Thanksgiving day is spent decorating the tables.  This morning, with a case of insomnia close by, I dug out the Thanksgiving accroutrements and decorated the dining room table.

Thanks 1

So here's the dining room table.

I'll give you a closer look:

Thanks 2

This year I added some things to the table that will represent each person

I'm missing in my life.

The jar of marbles were my Dad's when he was a young boy.


  Thanks 3

The Morton Salt for my mother-in-law

who LOVED salt on anything she ate

and lots of it please.

I was going to put the salt in a salt dish

but think the family will get a tiny bit of a laugh out of the

entire salt box on the table.


Thanks 4

Always have antique postcards on the table

but this year added this little antique book

for Margie (my aunt with Alzheimer's).


Tomorrow: The *kid's table*



& a little somethin' so my nephew can still be part of

our family Thanksgiving Day.


Now, gotta go polish silver before the sun comes up

& you really see what this table looks like!


Forgot to mention:

Opened the silverware drawer and found a


Pennies from heaven?


of the DSC weekend.

loved each and every project and idea from Debby Schuh


by far my favorite

was this:


ATC holder from 7 Gypsies


stinkin' cute embellies



7 gyps 1

added to

DSC folds

7 gyps 2

and hanging ephemera

with kitty cats sitting in office chairs.

I'm not a cat lover

(sorry, too many allergies)



7 gyps 3


 7 gyps 4

and teeny jars converted to mini-books that open

7 gyps 5

 ATC cards all dressed up and ready for a spin!

7 gyps 6

with layers of bling and cuteness

7 gyps 7

This project had it all for me.






instant gratification.


7 gyps 9

Thank you

Debby Schuh.

I learned so much from you this weekend!


DSC continued . . .

and for those of you who are rookies to my blog . . .

DSC = DebbySchuhCute

all one word.

look it up.

i think it's in webster's dictionary.

More eye candy from this weekend doing the DSC:

Once cover

Once 2

 Once 4

Once 5

Once 6

Once 7

those are just a few of the pages in the

Once Upon A Time



Here's another one we did this weekend.

the cover is grungepaper

that feels like leather

once you learn this awesome technique from Debbie.

Photo 1 

Photo 2 

Photo 3 

Photo 4 

Photo 5 

Photo 7 

more to come later!