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Today's project brought to you by . . .


I'm lovin' birds right now.  can't get enough.

This is a wood album with each page being made of compressed wood (about 1/8" thick). 

The first *page* measures approx 9" tall x 10" wide

with the last page measuring 9" tall x 16" wide.

Birds 1

The album is titled "Birds of a Feather".

I think it would be good for Valentine's Day for a woman to give to a man

(It's not too gushy sweet.)

or a man to a woman!

Some of the inside pages are specialty papers

with one page being a two-sided pocket stuffed with copies of antique ephemera

so you can add your own notes


paste the ephemera on pages throughout the album.

Birds 5

There are 4 wood pages total:

Birds 2

I've also included a copy of an antique marriage certificate.

Are you asking your honey to marry you this Valentine's Day?

for the first time?

or all over again?

Ask with this album.  It will be a hit and a memory to last a life time.

Want to commemorate an anniversary

for you?

or a special couple?

This is the album to fill with memories.


available sometime tomorrow afternoon


For Keeps Sake Scrapbook



Saturday = Junkin' Day

Sonja, Stacey and I started out junkin' yesterday.  Stacey "found" a new junk store in Chesterfield (didn't know Chesterfield had junk stores!) and it was a goodun'.  Found several things dirt cheap including old record albums (remember those?) that we will turn into photo albums and this a.a.milne book. 

Used to love a.a.milne's poetry and this little book has wonderful illustrations.

Aa milne

Stacey found some great jewelry pieces to turn into other jewelry pieces and Sonja found some *oh my gosh how'd you find those* antique pins (similar to the old campaign buttons) - an entire bag of them for $10!

Next on Saturday's agenda were two fabulous stores:  Imogene's and Two French Hens.  Can't decide which one I liked better.  They were equally wonderful and exciting - a decorator's dream.

We went to Imogene's first as they have a really cute tea room inside the building - perfect for ladie's lunch (or as we found out when we got there, six year old's birthday party complete with feather boas!) Lunch was delicious (get the chicken salad on croissant).  You can find Imogene's here:

Imogene's Tea Room
16635 Chesterfield Airport Road  63017

Imogene's has a beautiful array of items for the home.  One of the best I've seen in St. Louis.  Stacey has one of these bird cages in her studio and I wanted one - badly - almost to the point of being jealous.  So off we went to Imogene's so I could get my own

Bird's nest 1


(sorry, Buck wouldn't get out of the picture.

can you see the resolution in his face?

give me a cookie and i'll get out of your photo.

it's sad when your dog bribes you isn't it?)

Bird's nest 2 

made to look like rusty metal,

it comes complete with the antique-look clothespins.

I'm thinkin' tags, ATC's, photos . . . 


After we did enough damage at Imogene's, off we went to Three French Hens. OMG, another beautiful store.  Here's their link: http://www.threefrenchhensantiques.com although I have to tell you their website does not do this store justice - neither do the photos on their blog. 

Here's what I found there:

Bird calendar 


All three of us were buying white glass balls - I'm sure you've seen them before - like our friend Merry has in KC and like Missy had on her website.  You could choose your own letters or numbers.  Large were $.5o and small were $.25.  WHAT!  So I chose a bunch that had W's and N's and B's (for Bill and Beau) and the number 3 (since there's three of us).


A full day of good time.






Did you know . . .

Nancy N and Timi ordered the entire line of Copic Markers 

with glitter pens and multiliners

Copic Markers


(hold onto your hats folks)

normally these markers sell for


*The girls* will sell them at an everyday low price of



they're getting in those great Copic charts 

so you can keep track of the colors you're purchasing.

I can't wait!

More of . . .

Vicky's tags.  I finished another Vicky-style tag this morning.  Used Vicky's idea with her finishing methods and changed up the paper a bit.  Used a Pink Paislee Paris background (like this should surprise anyone) and added a Tim Holtz stamped image.

Vicky 1

Vicky 2

Last night . . .

I took Vicky's class called "Tag, You're It".

Although we've been trying to encourage Vicky to teach for quite a while, it was her first class at For Keeps Sake . . . and it was a great one!

Vicky's attention to detail and her finish work is one I really admire.  Here's one of the tags we made:


The bad news: my photography isn't better as you can't see the finishes we used on these tags.

The good news:  Vicky's doing another "Tag You're It" class in February with a brand new theme.  I can't wait.  Sonja, Stacey and I decided we're signing up - as well as everyone else who took her class last night.

Don't miss out on the fun.  Sign up for Vicky's next class by calling (314) 487-8131.  You'll be glad you did!


I'm now following a wedding blog . . .

no. no. and no.

Beau is NOT getting married

nor is he near engaged

or anything like that.

It was just me, surfing again

and I found this site:


Didn't know what "Ritzy Bee" was so thought I'd take a look

and WOW.  It's a gorgeous site with a myriad of ideas

not only for a wedding

but also things you could incorporate into

everyday life . . .

or at least life

every n-o-w-a-n-d-a-g-a-i-n.



a year-long valentine for 2010 . . .

Had this 7 Gypsies accordion album

and decided today was the day to do something with it . . .


I really wanted to do something for Valentine's Day

without being too cutesy.

TOO isn't my style.

I admire it.  I love to look at it

but have a hard time working with it.

Tried to think of something different

2010 1

What would someone want

who's not too gushy sweet

(like me)

but appreciates little things done for them every now and then

(like me - and I'm guessing you too).

What if I was away

at school

or living out of town

or had kids I didn't see very often . . .

or grandkids that lived out of town . . .

what would I like?

PHOTOS from home . . .

the one thing that never goes out of style.

So I created this:

2010 1B

The *purse* as 7 Gypsies calls it

is totally covered inside and out.

Only it's not a purse any more.

That would be cute

and I don't do cute.

(here is where I picture the Mary Engelbreit

drawing of the Mary-ish type girl

with her hands on her hips

saying *Snap Out Of It*

only I picture my girl saying

*I don't do cute*)

It's a calendar box.


2010 4

There are 12 cards total.

These *cards* do not open like normal cards.

They are made from heavy chipboard

and are covered on both sides.

One side is decorated.  The other has a photo mat.

Each card measures 4" x 4.5"

and fits within the box.

There is one card for each month of the year.

The front of the card is decorated for that month

and includes a teeny glassine envelope

so that you can add your greeting or sentiment.

The back of each card is covered in coordinating cardstock

with a mat for a small photo from home.


So I'm thinking . . .

for Valentine's Day

send the  box with the January card tucked inside

and a photo from home depicting January on the back

(something that happened at home during the month

or a photo of how big the baby got

or how you're pregnancy is progressing this year

or . . . you get the idea).

Here are some of the cards:

2010 2

At the end of February

send the February *card* with a photo from home on the back.

March ends and you repeat with the March card.

A gift that lasts all year.

And someone

(a college student . . . an aunt . . . a grandma)

will be the recipient of photos from home.


2010 3



2010 will be on sale at

For Keeps Sake

tomorrow afternoon


for this one-of-a-kind gift. 

You may reserve this by calling

(314) 487-8131.