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While (literally) waiting for paint to dry . . .

on another project, I grabbed a piece of Tim Holtz Idea-ology Film Strip to use on said project.  Because the film strip is so curly once it comes out of the package, I usually hang it up with my ribbon to "stretch" it out so it's flat.

In the meantime, I've amassed all these adorable film strip containers.  So decided to try a mini-diorama inside one of them.

Film Strip 1

First:  Peel off the label to reveal a tiny window.

Inked the inside of the tin with Ranger's Stonewashed Alcohol Ink.

Let dry.

Then added a good coating of

Crackle Glossy Accents.

Added some shredded paper ($1 at the Dollar Store - duh!).

Stamped a teeny bird with Memento black ink

and colored with Copic Markers.

Grabbed a tiny wooden Monopoly house.

Inked that up with Vintage Photo Distress Ink.

Added all that to the inside of the tin

using Claudine Hellmuth's Matte Medium.


Film Strip 2

Added Film Strip ribbon around the bottom portion of the tin.

Closed the lid

and added a Stampers Anonymous butterly

to the lid.

Film Strip 3

The possibilities for this teeny tin are endless.

How cute would this be with one of those little school pictures


add other embellishments like fringe around the lid.

Have you done these before with these Idea-ology Film Strip tins?

If so, post a link to your Tim tins in the comment section below.

I'd love to see them!



Out of control . . .

subtitle:  one thing leads to another.

Playing with my trade today and came up with this:

SA 1

Obviously the Glossy Accents on the butterfly need to dry.  However, once I got the butterfly down and the crown with jewels and the black gel pen around the word STOP and the background stamp on the tag, I think it needs something else in the lower right corner.  Think I need to pull the red and yellow color into the corner with some embellishment.

Back to the cooker.


Home of the free . . .

because of the brave.

Remembering fallen hero Lt. Dan Riordan


and all the brave men who have served our country.


my Uncle Ameal: Army WWII


my husband Bill:  Army: Vietnam Tet Offensive


my son Beau: USMC: Iraq - Operation Iraqi Freedom


Sue Kelemen's son: Army (currently serving)


Susan Wagner's son:  USMC (currently serving)


Thank you!


Know someone who is currently serving?

Add them to the comment section

(please, first names only)

and at some point this weekend let's all say a small collective prayer


thanks and safety.


Memorial day 1

Swap panic . . .

So a few months ago I signed up to be in a Stampers Anonymous 6x6 swap.  There are 16 of us and we are all getting one piece of each others' work therefore I need to create 16 pieces using SA stamps.  No sweat.  After all, I have a couple of months to work on it.  And me, being the skim reader I am, thought the due date was August. Wasn't going to worry about it until I get back from a trip I'm making.

Piece 'o' cake . . .

until I went back to the group and re-read the directions - without skimming - and the due date is June 15 when they have to be complete and mailed to the group moderator.


Today is brought to you by panic

(OK not real panic - after all it's just paper - but the kind of deadline panic).

So here she is folks . . . one down, 15 to go:

SA Swap 1

I'm thinkin' the girl on the tag needs a background

that I may add.

Whadya think? 

Background on the tag or leave her the way she is?

Maybe add a butterfly in her hair?

This has to stew for a day.


SA Swap 2

Three SA stamps


7 Gypsies paper


Tim Holtz Idea-ology pins


Tim Holtz tape


Tim Holtz fragments


Distress Inks


Copic Markers


August Stamp Club . . .

Would you believe I'm working on August - who'd a thunk it!

In reality, June Stamp Club is around the corner and I'll be out of town for the July Stamp Club.  Don't worry though.  The very talented Vicki Ash will be taking my place at the July Stamp Club and I'm sure she has something wonderful in store for you.  I saw the stamp she's using!  And if you've ever been in one of Vicki's classes you know how she loves techniques and finishes.

So here's the card we'll be creating in August:

August Stamp Club 1

This card will concentrate on



Copic Marker coloring






stamping with Crafty Individuals




antique embossing

you get the idea - techniques we all love to do. Here's the list of Copic Markers for the August class:

  • any 2 or 3 colors of blue for the bird
  • 0 - always 0 for taking away
  • Y21
  • YR65
  • YR24
  • YR00
  • E99
  • E15
  • E09
  • E07
  • R29
  • YG63
  • YG97

We will also be using

  • Memento Ink (Cocoa)
  • Distress Embossing Ink (sorry but Versamark won't work for this technique)
  • Vintage Photo Distress Embossing Powder

REMINDER: For Keeps Sake's everyday low price on Copic Markers is still $4.99 (and I know another huge order is on the way to the store soon).

IF you need the list of supplies we'll be using for the June Stamp Club, please click here:



Registration required for the Stamp Club

(314) 487-8131





Finis . . .

from the Latin meaning *end* or *conclusion*

and from the craft room meaning

the Travel Journal is complete . . .

Travel 2

Main Entry:


Part of Speech:



person who journeys


adventurer, commuter, displaced person, drifter, excursionist, explorer, floater, gadabout, globetrotter, gypsy,hiker, hobo, jet-setter, journeyer, junketer, migrant, navigator, nomad, passenger, peddler, pilgrim, rambler, roamer, rover, sailor, seafarer, sightseer, tourist, trekker, tripper, trouper, vagabondvoyager, wanderer, wayfarer

Whether you're a wanderer, a gypsy, a gadabout or a tourist, this class is for you if you love to

  • create one-of-a-kind mini-books
  • stamp
  • finish a project in one day

Class Date:  Wednesday, June 23

Time:  10:30 am - 4 pm

Cost:  $35

How and why:  At last count I have amassed over 100 travel stamps.  (We're not even going there.  I understand psychological help is needed.)  Join me and create a mini-book that can be custom designed just for you. 




Travel 3

We'll all start with the same tags, hardbound cover and envelopes.  Then cover all with paper and ephemera and stamps that suit your personal journey or thoughts.  Stuff pockets and envelopes with goodies and you're ready for a summer of fun and discovery - whether traveling abroad or in your own home town.

Travel 4


Travel 5

I'll have plenty for you to use and add to your journals. 

You are welcome to BYO extras to use and/or to share.


Travel 6


Travel 7


Travel 8


For Keeps Sake

(314) 487-8131


Class will take place

Wednesday, June 23

10:30 am - 4 pm


BYO: lunch + basic supplies


Tag Technique Class . . .

is on!  Here's the dates and the rates:


Saturday, June 12:  10:30 am - 4:30 pm: $36

June 12 class includes the canvas which will be finished incorporating several painting techniques + 4 tags (each with their own techniques) representing January, February, March and April.

Saturday, July 17:  1 pm - 4 pm:  $25

June 17 class includes 4 tags each with their own unique technique.  The tags will be completed with May, June, July and August themes.


Saturday, August 14:  1 pm - 4 pm:  $25

The last class of the series includes 4 technique tags themed for September, October, November and December.


I think (because you know I always have an opinion) once the tags are complete, you could gussie this canvas up even more with your own ephemera, photos etc placed between and/or overlapping the tags.  Can't wait to do this with mine.

These tag classes will include tons of stamping, Copic markering (is that a word?), rusting (this word thing is getting out of hand), inking and other techniques with a bit of my own ephemera and collections thrown in for good measure.



IF you're interested in purchasing your own supplies for these classes, please visit here http://art-from-the-heart.typepad.com/art_from_the_heart_class_/  for a list of things we'll be using in class.  The stamps will be ordered (when possible) by For Keeps Sake in time for class.  Some of the stamps I used are quite old so let's keep our fingers crossed that they're still being made!  They're such fun stamps and great to use with Copic Markers.  Stay tuned! 

Limited seating.  Reservations required.

Join me for this creatively fun class by calling

For Keeps Sake Scrapbook




I love when Bill goes fishing . . .

because I never have to leave my little neck of the woods.  It's pure heaven.  No one is calling asking me what's for dinner.  Love it!  Love him - but . . . you know what I mean.

Here's a few more pages to share:

Beau 1

This is a two-page spread with a half-page in between.


Beau 2


Beau 3

Beau 4


Beau 5


I can't believe it and yet . . .

it's true.  Unless I really dreamt it.  But I don't think so.  I have the e-mails to prove it.

If you follow my blog then you know I sent in a few cards to Take Ten (Stampington Publications) several months ago.  I was contacted by the managing editor who asked if I would make about 12-15 more cards (which I did) in specific color groupings.  Happy to comply, I sent in the cards.

They were to be featured in the June issue of Take Ten magazine

until . . .

I got an e-mail from the Managing Editor of Stampington & Co

who said I was chosen to be the Guest Artist (WHAT!!!)

of Stampers Sampler August issue.



I filled out an interview questionnaire

and had to send them a photo of myself.

Oh (as we say in south St. Louis) lardy lardy . . . a photo!

I hate having my picture taken.

Sue K was nice enough to oblige yesterday morning, but when I got home I felt like I had these goofy looks on my face.  Sue told me I needed to smile with my eyes.  It reminded me of Tyra Banks telling her runway models to *smeyes*.

Do I always look like that?

I'm so sorry.

Bill took some photos and this is what I ended up with:

Photo for Stamp Samp 2 

and this one:

Photo for Stampers Sampler 

Whose chins are those?

What happened to my cheek bones?

Who put those bags under my eyes?


"Makeup!" (she yells snapping her fingers in the air)


So I sent these photos and asked if they could


get rid of my chins.

I think Stampington could do that don't you?

They are probably excellent with photo shop.


Look for my work and my new altered self in the

August issue of Stampers Sampler

available at

For Keeps Sake Scrapbook.