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A Gift from an Artist . . .

You won't believe what happened today! 

First, I received an e-mail from Mary June Walker (I'll tell you who she is in a minute) letting me know that she dropped something off at For Keeps Sake for me.

Mary June and I met several years ago through her cousin Bonnie Heggemann.  Bonnie had taken some of my classes at For Keeps Sake and introduced me to her cousin Mary June.  Now first I'll tell you that both these gals are full of talent.  And I know you're going to want to know:  *no* they do not have a blog that I know of.

In any case (because I digress as usual), Mary June and Bonnie are in a little meet-up group I monitor once a month at For Keeps Sake.  A couple of months ago, Mary June walks in with these two altered birds that she decorated with Grungepaper.  Each tiny piece of these birds was amazing - and intricately cut - then inked with Distress Ink.  Nothing like I've ever seen or even imagined.

And the answer is *no* I can't show you because . . .

I sent a photo of the birds to Tim who contacted Mary June and asked if he could please display them in his booth at CHA Summer.  They're THAT good!

So today, Mary June sends me an e-mail letting me know she dropped off a little something for me at For Keeps Sake.  In the meantime, Timi (one of the co-owners of For Keeps Sake) calls me and tells me I have to get into the store right away because she is completely blown away by what Mary June dropped off - almost in tears it's so beautiful.

Of course, I get over there as soon as possible to find this:

MJ 2

This tiny treasure is cut from a 2x4 - the same size as an ATC.

Too bad I'm not a better photog.  The details are unbelievable.

Either Mary June or her husband must have hollowed out the inside of the wood

to create a diorama.

Here's more:

MJ 3

Inside the wood block sits

a pretty little fairy

a teeny bunny

a fountain

and below the fountain

grungepaper grass.

Also inside at each corner is a

grungepaper vase filled with flowers and leaves

and all made out of grungepaper.

MJ 4

The picture above shows the back of this little beauty.

Yep, the bricks are grungepaper

individually cut and inked with Distress Ink.

Love the way she layered the bookplate and keyhole.


Now for the tree.


It is 2 types of wire intertwined.

Also intertwined with that is

grungepaper cut extremely thin

inked in green

with some glitter on top.

Can you see the teeny green pieces of grungepaper slivers?

That's not the best part:

See the tiny leaves and miniature roses?


Each of those roses measures

(and I'm not kidding here)

1/4" in circumference

(and that's the largest petal)

with 3 layers of grungepaper

very similar to the roses that Tim & Wendy make

with all those petals folded down and around the center.

The leaves and roses are then lightly stickled in gold.

(I think my fingers are too fat to even try this!)

You could look at this art piece a million times and not see all the detail!

MJ 5

Grungepaper butterfly!

MJ 6

I'll shut up now and let you marvel on your own.

MJ 7


MJ 8


MJ 10 
Mary June, you are pure genius.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

for sharing your magnificent

art with me.




diana redfern

whoa,,,,how long did this work of love take MARY, she is inspiring,,,how many painsaking hours she must have put in this one, you are a lucky girl nancy. great work mary june

Mary Walker

Nancy, You are very welcome,Its such a little token compared to all the inspiration you have given me and so many others, You always give of yourself without asking for any return. I have a favorite quote that Is you. It is "Anyone and give a gift, But it takes someone special to give from the Heart". Thank you again for all your knowlege,inspiration and the gentel push in the hinnie to do my best. Mary June

Nancy Wethington

You're going to make me cry!


Oh my gawd, this is totally mind blowing! And I can just imagine what the piece that Tim is using looks like. Mary, you are truly talented, now, how about starting that blog???? lol

Wendy vecchi

wow wow wow!
this is amazing & beautiful.

Carolyn K

Nancy, aren't you just so fortunate to get piece of art from Mary June? She means it when she says you are an inspiration to all of us. You are truly talented and kind. Now, don't get me're no Mary June, but good! I hope someone mentions to Mary June that not only does she have Mr. Holtz as an admirer, did you see the comment left at 7:54 PM today? All kidding aside, great work Mary June and Nancy!! Kudos


Congrats Nancy, in acquiring this wonderful piece of art from Mary June. Mary June, you are one of a kind, generous and fantastic!.

Tiger Rousseau

What ever did you use to create that wonder? Did you remove the front from a cradle board? How cool is that!

Well done and kudos to you Nancy!

Barbara Moore

What an amazing gift! Just wanted to stop by to say "Hi" to a fellow Sister in the Bloggerette Sorority! It has just been an exciting party and I love following such talented women!!

Hugs XX
Moore Whimsies

Ruth Graham

What an absolute treasure !

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