Busy, busy . . .
St.Louis Foodies Alert: Soup and Cake . . .

I am stunned . . .

Here's a sneak peek of the August Stampers Sampler and my name is on the cover! 

So surprised (because ya never know until it's in print) and so very excited.



That's not one of my cards on the cover - *just* my name (she says screaming with delight).  Remember my story that the cards were originally created for Take Ten?  So they are very simple cards.  I wanted to re-do but Stampington said "no" - and since they are the magazine gods, I complied.

Not sure when the magazine will be out but I know For Keeps Sake will carry it.

Is this real?




Yeah you! How cool is that? Congratulations!

Kathy Eddy

Congratulations Nancy! How wonderful for you! Bet you'll be framing that issue.

Tammy Tutterow

I can't wait to see it in person! I am so thrilled for you!


Wow, so exciting, congratulation!!

Hels Sheridan

Well done and many congrats to you hun....very deserved...I shall have to get you to sign my copy :O)) Hels x

diana redfern

good job nancy, can't wait to see it. how many copies will you be getting ???? lol congrats to you.

Debby Schuh

Congratulations! That is so exciting!!


Congrats!! :D

Lynn Warner

How EXCITING!! Rock on, art sister@

Lisa Phillippi

Super Cool! Congrats! I can't wait to get a copy in my hands!

Madelyn Butts

Congratulations!!! What a thrill. Can't wait to get my copy.

Cecile Nichols


You're hilarions, she said screaming in delight! No kidding! And, a well deserved "congratulations" again to you!

I look forward to seeing this issue!


missy j

AWESOME! that is soooo exciting! I SO can't wait to see it.


WOW !! swap partner --HOw excited I am for you !!!
YOur creations are wonderful !!!!!! Can hardly wait to see it -- I have been a big fan of anything Stampington - somerset studio for years (( many mags later --haha !! broke but still loving it )
COngrats !!! Congrats !!!!! KAthy - ga ♥ -countrychintz.blogspot.com

Becky T.

Congrats to you!!! How so very exciting *happy dance for you!* Can't wait to get that issue! :-)

Ruth Graham

So very Happy for you Nancy! You and your wonderful work are so deserving!!
Congrats to you........ Ruth ;)

Lynn Stevens

WOOOOHOOO A big Congrats to you!!! I can't wait to get the new issue!!

Gloria Stengel

Oh my word! I am screaming....I know her, I know her! hee hee What a wonderful bit of news! Congrats!!!!!

Candy Colwell

I am not stunned! You do fabulous work and Stampers Sampler knows beautiful work when they see it! 😊 Huge congrats! ❤️

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