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Tonight . . .

I'm going here


Kaari Meng's store

to take this class

I was fortunate to meet Shea at Silver Bella.

We shared a table in one of 

Sally Jean's

soldering classes.

Needless to say

Shea's soldering was perfect.

Mine, we're still not talking about. 

Shea and Debbie's

Creative Connection

can be found here.

She is restoring a church into her home.

You can read about it here.

Then take a peek at her classes

that she had in October.


She is THE artist of crowns

and I am very excited to be taking one of her



April book class . . .

Finished the cover of the April book class @ For Keeps Sake Scrapbook (St. Louis MO).  Haven't quite decided on the exact date yet, but here's a peek of the cover and the unusual binding:

April book class

Signatures with a twist!

I'm thinking of using this book for a birthday celebration or graduation.  It will be suitable for either.

Get a jump start on May graduations and summer birthdays with this class.

Stay tuned for the exact date.  It will be a Saturday - and an all-day-er - with a BYO lunch of course!


A few of my favorite . . .


I cannot resist





Make it in any of these colors and I'm in.

I've snagged some fabulous papers that include my favorite colors


Not sure how it will end up but I do know it will

  • be 6" wide x 12" tall (love that size too)
  • somehow be bound (duh)
  • include lots of pockets, folds, tags and envelopes

Stay tuned!

WOYWW . . .

Here's what's on my work desk this Wednesday . . . I got nuttin' . . . nada . . . clean desk . . .

as clean as it gets around here anyway.


What I have been doing is organizing.  For Keeps Sake had an attic sale.  It was a really good one!

I was able to snag another 12x12 double paper rack (holds 48 sets of paper) and these slat wall holders:



These hold so much in a very small space.  So now my slat wall looks very organized . . .

or *as good as it gets at the moment* organized.



Simon Says Stamp & Show a Childhood Memory . . .

The year was 1954.  November.  In a couple of weeks I would turn 5 years old.

My Uncle Ameal was getting married to (who was to become) my Aunt Gerri.

My Dad's brother and best friend.  My Mom's friend and what they call each other *sisters*.

Two of the most wonderful people on earth. 

As the song says "he was handsome and she was terminally pretty".  They still are.

The nicest people you'd ever want to meet.

Great sense of humor (both of them)

and fun to be around.




They wanted me to be their flower girl.

I remember being so excited about wearing that dress.

So very pretty.  As I recall, very pale lilac almost to the point of being pink.

With teeny tiny rosebuds on the collar.


For this week's challenge at Simon Says Stamp & Show, I reprinted this photo on Claudine Hellmuth's Sticky Back Canvas.  Then added Tattered Rose Distress Ink to my cheeks with a Cut-n-Dry pen nib

Prima Flowers and My Mind's Eye brad add to the corner decor.  The tiny folder from K&Co holds my journaling.

What was one of your favorite childhood memories?

Share your memories with the Simon Says DT on this week's challenge and scrap something about yourself.

Post your entry on the Simon Says Stamp & Show Challenge Blog and you could win this:



How many flowers does it take . . .

to create a scrapbook page or card?

This is a serious question I'm asking.  Because I have hundreds.  Maybe thousands if I count all those teeny tiny Prima's we all bought years ago.  Remember those?  They came in a tube?  Hundreds in one tube?  We even did a color trade in one of my classes.

Been trying to figure out how to sort all the flowers so that it makes sense.  Color doesn't work for me (although I think to sort by color would be gorgeous).  I have too many.  Too many flowers.  Too many colors.


All of the flowers and leaves you see above were thrown in a big basket.  No rhyme or reason.  So I am sorting today . . . by type.  And putting some aside for the upcoming (March 2011) flea market at For Keeps Sake.  Details on the flea market are not out yet (shhhhh) but I know it will happen and I'm putting things aside until FKS announces the details.

Is anyone still using those teeny tiny Prima's?  Is there any reason why I should keep them?  Because I don't want to put them in the sale and then have to buy them back!

Hey, don't laugh.  You know exactly what I mean!

It takes a village . . .

Looking out to our backyard yesterday, Bill said there's an entire village living in our cedar tree.  Rabbits, squirrels and at least a million birds.  On any given morning I feel like Tippy Headron, only our birds are nice.  Bill feeds the birds via two bird feeders and then puts feed down on the ground underneath the feeders for the rabbits and squirrels. And they all live happily together until . . .

Buck sees them all and feels the need to chase all of them out of his yard!

If you look very closely at the fence line,

you can see Buck's paw marks in the snow

patrolling his yard,

making sure no one gets in.

Not one little critter


it's nap time for Buck.