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Oxford Impressions Abraham Lincoln stamp set . . .

You won't believe how cool the stamp sets are that I just received from Oxford Impressions. The first one I'm playing with is called Abraham Lincoln. In honor of Labor Day this coming Monday, I've created this simple card using the Abraham Lincoln set and combined it with a label from Steampunk Works. That flag stamp is the best one I've ever seen!

Oxford Impressions Lincoln

Suzanne is the designer, owner and stamper extraordinaire behind Oxford Impressions. The stamps she designs are in themed unmounted sheets. I love when a company does this because . . .

  1. I get a ton of stamps on 1 sheet for a very reasonable cost.
  2. Mount your own stamps on readily available cling mounting foam
  3. Store an entire sheet on cling foam storage pages

So, lots of stamps, little money, easy storage - that's my ideal situation for rubber stamps! And the rubber stamps beautifully! 

I think I'll give this one to Beau and Lindsey with a little something in it, thanking them for their service. Gotta love those cops!

Oxford Impressions Lincoln 2

Happy Labor Day weekend!

I can't scrap any more . . .

At least not until this craft room gets straightened out.

Here's my M.O.:

  • Choose a project or theme
  • Go through all my stuff to see what I may want to use: paper, embellishments, metal, etc.
  • Lay it all out on my table
  • Work on the project and finish it
  • Put everything I didn't use away

Except, when working on a project the other day, the Art Bins I go through to see what I want to use were packed - to the gils - hard to close - packed.

So today, I started going through each Art Bin, making up the next batch of bags to sell . . .

  • stretched canvas
  • bag of mini flowers: felt, metal and bling
  • lots of 33 and 78 records in sleeves

Garage Sale 1

  • huge amounts of things stuffed into 12x12 bags according to themes: 2 bags of transparencies; 1 bag of tags; 1 bag of corners; 1 bag of borders 

Garage Sale 2

and the list goes on.

I may even sell my NIB Vagabond.

So, For Keeps Sake, when is the next Garage Sale?



Ramblings . . .

For Keeps Sake hosted it's semi-annual garage sale this past Saturday and Sunday. OMG was it a good one (they always are)!


I had a serious talk with myself before I went to work that day. I said I didn't need a thing. Keep your hands off the merchandise. You probably already have it at home anyway.  Use what you have. Etc. Etc.

At the end of my shift that day I only spent $87.

Considering the dialogue I had with myself at 9 am, I thought that was pretty good. And $5 of it was purchases for friends. (I can justify almost anything.)


I've started working on a little wedding something-something. Can't say more than that right now in case Lindsey reads this. 

After today, we should have a definite wedding date and place.  Yahoo!


If you're in my Two Tag Tuesday class today, we will be working on paper tole.  Here's a link:


You will need basics + please scroll down until you see the listings for Two Tag Tuesday for additional supplies.  Don't forget your craft mats!

Two Tag August 2012

See you soon


For Keeps Sake Scrapbook

4530 Lemay Ferry Road - St. Louis MO 63129


Layering . . .

Whether it be scrapbook pages, mini-books, greeting cards or altered/collage items, dimension makes a HUGE difference in anything we create.

I liken it to food.

(Actually, if truth be told, I can liken anything to food because I liken food.)

When watching cooking shows, chefs talk about food being one note (flat) or having layers of flavors. Of course, layers always make food taste better (if you know the basics of combining flavors).

It's the same with paper arts. Layers give more depth and dimension to any project.

Today, over at Paper Crafters Library, I talk about the new Farm House Fair Skies Dream On mini-book kit from one of our favorite designers, Angela Moen. Angela is the creator behind The Button Farm kits and has now designed papers, embellishments and chipboard mini albums available at For Keeps Sake, Angela is a layering genius. You know this as soon as you see her work.

Since we're featuring Angela's Farm House mini book kit today, I'll explain the process with the cover:

Fair Skies Cover

  1. Always start with a base.  In this case, there are two pieces of decorative Farm House paper for the base: red checked goes on first followed by the ledger paper.
  2. Begin adding chipboard pieces and build one on top of another.  The chipboard post card is placed on top of the ledger paper followed by the balloon (making the balloon layer #4!).
  3. Add smaller pieces that make sense to your design. These can be more chipboard pieces or elements you cut from decorative paper.  Here you see clouds, word pieces and cancelled stamp images.

Some people say there are no rules. I'm a rule follower though, so it's easier for me to think in terms of rules. Here are a few of mine:

  • Choose a color palette and stick with it throughout a project. I like to work with 3 different colors (discounting black and white as color). There are, of course, variations on those colors but for the most part, I stick with what I started with. 
  • No floaters! When adding layers or embellishments, have one touch another to keep the eye flowing through the project. If that can't be done, then have it relate to the total look of the design. If it doesn't your eye skips around the page, never knowing when to stop and enjoy the overall design.

Fair Skies 1

  • Use chipboard elements to raise the design. So many times we purchase beautiful papers and pass up the decorative pieces that are designed to coordinate with the paper. If possible, buy the little extras that add dimension to the overall look.

Fair Skies 2

  • Or . . . make your own chipboard pieces. Using parts of the decorative paper, fussy cut elements and raise them up yourself by backing with either chipboard or pop-ups. I prefer using chipboard as it gives the raised piece a sturdy base.

Fair Skies 3

  • Ink the edges! With the use of a marker or an ink pad, you can ink the chipboard edges (those brown sides) and give them a finished look. The same goes for those white paper edges. 

Fair Skies 4

Hope this helps with layering.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Thank you . . .

for a great class last night using JustRite stamps and Spellbinders dies.  Here's a bit more inspiration. I found this on the JustRite blog, created by Kazan Clark:


Isn't it adorable!

You can find this stamp

(and other new JustRite stamps)


For Keeps Sake Scrapbook

4530 Lemay Ferry Road - St. Louis MO 63129


TONIGHT:  6 pm - Create Your Imagination meet-up group. Hope you can join us for some great crafty inspiration and see what fellow artists have been up to.  Tonight's trade is a mini-booklet made with dominos. Can't join in the trade? No worries. Jump in and see what others have created. All this and more @ For Keeps Sake Scrapbook.

I think it's finished . . .

although I keep adding to it.  Following several artists blogs, I came up with my version of a Fairies and Butterflies mini.  Thanks to Laura Dennison for the hidden hinge binding and Anne's PaperCreations for brilliant page construction/inspiration. You can see I used the Mold Muse molds with Ice Resin on the cover.

Fairies and Butterflies Book

Sorry girls, can't teach this one unless you want to spend about $200 for this class.  It is FULL of stuff.  I will bring it to For Keeps Sake today (10 am - 5 pm) if you want to take a look.