Today . . .

Life happens . . .

  • We moved Beau & Lindsey into their new house. So excited for them! 
  • Bill has recently been diagnosed with CLL/lymphoma. The doctors say it's a result of agent orange in Vietnam.
  • Mom fell out of bed and broke her arm at her shoulder.
  • And we just became Grand-puppy-parents to this adorable rescue:

Beau and Leroy


Obviously, he already has stolen Beau's heart.

I'll be back posting as soon as everything settles down a bit.

Thanks for your patience.




When life happens, it happens big, eh?! Sending much cyber love to you, take care.

Nancy C

Sending lots of hugs & prayers. I'm very familiar with your journey - if you ever need a shoulder to cry/lean on, I'm here.

mary Walker

saying prayers for you and your family, I surely know about life happening, Hope all goes well.mary june

Sue B.

When it rains it pours! Your are in my thoughts and prayers.

Cim Allen

What a cute puppy !! My thoughts are with you .. hang in there :)

Betty Dirnbeck

Prayers and love to you!

Carolyn K

Nancy, you and your family are in my heart and prayers. You'll have to be the strong one, keep your chin up with so much going on. Such good news about Beau, it's nice to be young and in love. Sweet little puppy too!

Renea Crawford

You're in my thoughts and prayers!


Keep being the wonderful 'Nancy' that you are and make sure you take care of yourself first and then those you love. God must have said "Nancy can handle this"...and you will.

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