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Resigning . . .

Because of all the things happening in my life right now, I am resigning one of my positions at For Keeps Sake. Athough I will still teach classes, beginning in June I will no longer be behind the counter.

For Keeps Sake just posted this amazing opportunity:

 Become Part of the FOR KEEPS SAKE Team!

  For Keeps Sake

is seeking friendly, enthusiastic, hard-working, creative individuals to join our sales staff.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create a positive and friendly atmosphere for customers
  • Assist customers with creative ideas and product selection
  • Ability to handle the fast paced setting of a busy retail store
  • All aspects of sales with cash register/POS system and promotion of events
  • Self-starter, willing to take the initiative and work well independently in a changing environment
  •  Detail-oriented, Organized, Accurate AND Fast 
  • All areas of data entry, receiving and stocking merchandise
  • Display, merchandise and maintenance of displays and product
  • Assembly and packaging of merchandise and page kits

Skills Required:

  • Enthusiastic, friendly customer service skills 
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Multi-task and work cohesively as a team member 
  • Ability to stand for long periods and lift 50lbs of weight 
  • Retail sales and data entry experience preferred 
  • Knowledge of stamping and/or scrapbooking 

Work Hours:

  • Available to work a minimum of 20 hours per week during all hours of store operations Sunday - Saturday, 9:30am - 9pm or later for special events.
  • Work days and times do vary week to week. 

For Keeps Sake is a unique papercrafting retail environment dedicated to our customers and a positive experience for all who visit our store.  A primary focus of this job is to interact with customers to accommodate their needs for product and education in the stamping, scrapbooking, and papercrafting arenas.

Applications are available at For Keeps Sake.

No phone inquiries. 

Application process requires the submission of color-copied sample(s) of papercrafting abilities

attached to the application. These samples will not be returned.

Applications must be received no later than Sunday, June 9th 

and interviews will be conducted 

Tuesday and Wednesday, June 11th and 12th 

upon completion of application reviews and phone contact. 

If you think this position is one in which you will be strictly at the register, or be able to work on your crafting projects during work hours, this job is not for you!

This is NOT a seasonal position. 

Stop in and pick up your application today.


I've had a blast working at For Keeps Sake the past 10 years and made wonderful friends who have enriched my life in many different ways. Hope you will consider becoming part of the team. 

What I know about color . . .

In one of my classes last night we got to talking about color - how to combine, what works with what etc.

Color wheels have fascinated me since I first started painting at age 16. My Mom enrolled me in tole painting classes at Maude's Tole Shop in Webster Groves. Back then, almost all tole was done with oils. Our first assignment with Maude was to paint a color wheel. 

We used 3 primary colors: red; blue; yellow

and then worked with those colors to create the wheel.


Having found this image on a clothing site, it works well to illustrate how colors work together. If you use the 3 primary colors, you can blend almost any other color you want except black and white.

It doesn't matter what medium you're using - oil based paints, water based paints, markers or chalk - the theory is the same.

Mixing 1/2 red and 1/2 yellow in equal parts = orange

Mixing 1/2 red and 1/2 blue in equal parts = purple

Mixing 1/2 blue and 1/2 yellow in equal parts = green

Changing the portions will change the color density.  It's that simple.

No matter what medium you choose, if you want to highlight an image, add more of the lighter color. Shadowing = add more of the darker color.

A few other tips I learned at Maude's:

  • To highlight red, add a bit of yellow. Some want to add white, however, white added to red = pink. If you want to keep the intensity of true red, add just a bit of yellow.
  • Black + yellow = green. Black + red or blue = purple. Since there is really no *true* black, adding primary colors to black leads to other colors. It's fun to experiment. If you want to try this, start with just a teeny dab of black. It goes a long way!
  • Start light. It's much easier to add dark colors than it is to take them away.

When working with watercolors, drag water onto a seperate sheet of paper or palette. Adding more water = less intense color. Less water = color will be more intense. Using water will help with shadows and highlights.

Don't be afraid to experiment. When I first started painting, I worked everything on artist tissue paper. It was great practice.

Hope this helps and happy coloring!

Savvy Stampers meet-up tonight . . .



Specifically designed for the Stamping Club Members, we get together once each month (3rd Tuesday of each month) for a free class for Stamp Club Members. This month, we'll be working on quick and simple birthday cards using a Tim Holtz stamp set. Class includes 3 cards each with a different design.

BYO basics + 

  • paint brushes
  • inks
  • Twinkling H2O's
  • pop-dots
  • edge distresser
  • something for a bit of water. 

If you'd rather use some other medium to color in images, please bring those.

See you @ 6 pm

For Keeps Sake Paper Arts & Rubber Stamps

4530 Lemay Ferry Rd - St. Louis 63129

(314) 487-8131

Organizing . . . again . . .

Will it ever end? It's my need to keep things organized and fresh (or perhaps just a bit OCD). This morning I started organizing my room again. I don't move furniture around but I do move supplies - out! As I craft, my taste changes. What I HAD to have and just absolutely LOVED 6 months ago now goes into the *what was I thinking* pile and packed up for the next garage sale at For Keeps Sake.


Yesterday Dina, Muffy and Sue tried to talk me into letting them shop before the garage sale. Sorry girls, it probably won't happen as I'm not that organized yet. It is good, though, to go through the supplies as it reminds me of what I've forgotten I have : }

And by the way . . .

if you are reading this and

you were the one that stole my wallet

out of the back office of For Keeps Sake


UPDATE: I don't think that it was any of our *customers*. There was a woman who came in whom I had never seen before. I said *hi* but was busy at the counter. She walked in and walked out pretty quickly and I remember thinking that she barely had time to look for anything. If it was her, then she had enough time to look for my wallet!

I found out (after about a half dozen phone calls) at which Walgreen's my card was used for $420.90  My son (the cop) said that they have cameras so I called the Walgreens store and the manager is burning a disc for the time my card was used. Making a police report and hopefully they'll find whomever took my card.  Bah humbug.

Also found out from Timi's husband that they have been *hitting* small businesses and stealing wallets out of employee purses at a fairly rapid rate. So if you work in the So Co area - fair warning.