May workshops are up . . .

Organizing . . . again . . .

Will it ever end? It's my need to keep things organized and fresh (or perhaps just a bit OCD). This morning I started organizing my room again. I don't move furniture around but I do move supplies - out! As I craft, my taste changes. What I HAD to have and just absolutely LOVED 6 months ago now goes into the *what was I thinking* pile and packed up for the next garage sale at For Keeps Sake.


Yesterday Dina, Muffy and Sue tried to talk me into letting them shop before the garage sale. Sorry girls, it probably won't happen as I'm not that organized yet. It is good, though, to go through the supplies as it reminds me of what I've forgotten I have : }

And by the way . . .

if you are reading this and

you were the one that stole my wallet

out of the back office of For Keeps Sake


UPDATE: I don't think that it was any of our *customers*. There was a woman who came in whom I had never seen before. I said *hi* but was busy at the counter. She walked in and walked out pretty quickly and I remember thinking that she barely had time to look for anything. If it was her, then she had enough time to look for my wallet!

I found out (after about a half dozen phone calls) at which Walgreen's my card was used for $420.90  My son (the cop) said that they have cameras so I called the Walgreens store and the manager is burning a disc for the time my card was used. Making a police report and hopefully they'll find whomever took my card.  Bah humbug.

Also found out from Timi's husband that they have been *hitting* small businesses and stealing wallets out of employee purses at a fairly rapid rate. So if you work in the So Co area - fair warning.


Sue B.

Oh no Nancy that terrible. We have to lock our purses up at my work. It is sad that you can't feel safe in your own environment.

Cim Allen

That bites, what is it with people !! The scrapbook store is supposed to be a happy place .. people never cease to amaze me.

Betty Dirnbeck

I am so shocked that someone would steal at "For Keeps Sake" I guess you just don't know people these days.


Wow.... That's awful.

Nancy Wethington

oh I think you'd be surprised at some of the people that steal. i guess scrapbook supplies feed their starving children.


That blows. I am glad you have a lead. I always feel so safe at FKS but should know it happens anywhere.

Carolyn K

Oh I hope they find the jerk! Ha, won't they be surprised?
It always makes me so mad when I hear things like this. People are unbelievable now. Freaks, I'll think about them behind bars maybe that'll do it! What the heck did they buy at Walgreens for that kind of money? I doubt it was medication for her ill family member!

Bonnie Heggemann

OH NO....Hope they caught the person who did this. What a mess it is to have your wallet stollen. So much to go thru to get everything replaced and new credit cards. Just what you needed along with everything else. Hang in there, Nancy. Hugs.

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