Does anyone have . . .
I am totally in love with Graphic 45's Typography . . .

A service dog for Sue . . .

UPDATE to the Update


If you follow my blog, you've seen this post:

Read Sue's story here: A Service Dog For Sue  

and if you're able, donate here: Donate towards Sue's new service dog.

For all my scrapbook friends:

Sue's Dog 3

Donate $5 or more to Sue's service dog,

on the site listed above


I will put your name in a hat

for a prize drawing.

The prize (worth over $100 retail) includes

Graphic 45 goodies from me


a ton of good things donated by

Gina's Designs

(some not even on her site yet!).

Sue's Dog 2

(all brand new product still in the original packaging)

If you donate, please leave a comment below

letting me know you donated.

This drawing will end September 30

and I'll notify the winner

and ship to you free of charge.

Sue's Dog 1

More is being added to the already fabulous drawing

thanks to Sue Kelemen.

This is a complete brand new mini book kit


The Button Farm.

(Retail value = $55+)

Sue and Droopy 1
The entire prize package will go to one lucky winner.

All you have to do is donate here:

A Service Dog For Sue & Retirement For Droopy

then come back and leave a comment below.


Trish B

Did my donating, count me in Nancy.

Carolyn K

Just visited the Sue and Droopy site. She'll get her dog, I'm positive. She has a friend in you, Nancy.

Patti Kappel

How generous of you , Nancy. I made a $25 donation to Sue and Droopy. I am praying she meets her goal!


Hey Nancy I donated. Would love it if you could stop by and share my giveaway for a cause as well I will be sharing your giveaway on my Facebook page an twitter.... good luck with raising for a cause!


Best wishes for Sue to receive her dog. I hope my donation will help. Peace

Sue B.

Thanks Nancy, I donated to Sue and Droopy. You are a good friend to them.


I donated Nancy.
I meant Sue once at FKS, nice lady I'm glad to help.


Donation made! Congratulations on a new dog! Praying that you two will do well together!

judith Cowell

This cause makes me so happy to know you and FKS. You guys are a blessing.


I donated, Nancy. Hope the goal is met.

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