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Wedding part deux . . .

WM 1

lots of layering on the front cover:

WM 2

Most of the pages either flip, accordion or have pockets.

This one flips out to reveal more photos.

WM 3


WM 4

Since they're both police officers I had to use this

Police Dept Bus Stop

sign somewhere in their book.

WM 5

another fold out page.

Putting this fold-outs really gives a ton more real estate for photos!

The tabs sticking out from the side are more photo mats

located in side pockets.

WM 6

Love this photo!

It had to be the last one in the book.

WM 7

This one doesn't close either . . .

So many wedding photos! Beau and Lindsey were married May 17 and I finally finished their wedding photo book. This is one of the largest mini's I've created yet with 12 base pages as opposed to the usual 6 or 8 I usually make. 

Wedding 1

Lots of layering on the cover with

Melissa Frances frame,

Tim Holtz ornate plates,

Prima flowers


Gina's Designs chipboard

Cover 1



Cover 2

Adding to the base pages are

pull-outs, accordion folds and pockets

so (yes) this mini doesn't close either.

But I got over that a long time ago!

Wedding 2


Wedding 3


I'll show you more tomorrow after Beau & Lindsey see it.

Christmas: For Keeps Sake Style . . .

Sunday was our annual For Keeps Sake Christmas party. We love the holidays and are very happy to have an opportunity to celebrate together. So everyone who works at For Keeps Sake heads to Kimmswisk (our traditional Christmas spot)! (Thankfully, Nancy N's daughters take over the store for the day. Thanks Michele and Nic!)

This year, we celebrated at The Dough Depot. Here's how the party started:



package after package


after package


and here's why:


There are 11 of us

and each of us brings a little something for the other.

Yep - 121 gifts!

It's crazy.

We give out one person's gift to everyone

and we all open that gift at once.


The beautiful packages above were from Sue Kelemen

and filled with delicious homemade cookies!


It's our favorite gift exchange as we love seeing what everyone comes up with.

See the little jars above?

They were packaged in a wood box with a dowel handle

made by

Gina's Designs

and decorated by Mary Dohack Meyer.

The jars are filled with homemade jelly like only Mary can make!


I made individual notebooks for each of the girls

trying to add colors and details that I thought would fit each individual.

Here's a few of the pics I remembered to take

before wrapping:


Sorry for the post it notes.

I had them all laid out on my table, labeled so I wouldn't forget who got what!


Lots of Gina's Designs chipboard used

including the tri-fold portfolio books themselves.




What a wonderful group of gals I have the privilege of working with and for!

Thank you to Nancy N & Timi

the owners of For Keeps Sake


for hosting our very special

Christmas party

and for making For Keeps Sake the best place

to work & shop!

Travel Trunk update . . .

I've been asked to post another weekend for the Travel Trunk project. After asking if you would please sign the waitlist to see how much interest there is in another weekend, there are only 4 people on the waitlist.

Travel Trunk 2

Because this is a 2 day class, I would need 8 people total to make this workshop happen. If you are interested in creating this trunk and have not already, please sign the waitlist at For Keeps Sake (314) 487-8131 and I'll see about getting more product to make it work.

Thank you.


January 2014 CYI and other things . . .

Last night was our Christmas gathering for Create Your Imagination meet-up. Delicious hors d'oeuvres and sweet treats as well as adorably decorated bottles!

Beginning January 2014, CYI will undergo a minor change. We're going to be creating one tag a month with a focus on technique and new product. 

CYI Jan 2014

Here's how it will work:

We will still have challenges for each other and bring in show-and-tell. As for the tags: you may choose to sit in and not create the tag but listen to how it's done. This will be free.

If you choose to participate in making the tag, there will be a class kit at a $5 cost (or as close to $5 as I can keep it). The kit will contain all the tags, paper, embellishments and new product to complete the project. You will still need to bring basic supplies, your own inks and things like that. A list will be provided to you upon signing up. Participation insures you get hands-on with new product or techniques you may not have tried before!

Sign up in advance for the tag kit by calling For Keeps Sake (314) 487-8131. You must sign up at least 3 days in advance of the meet-up. 

January 2014 tags will be the 2 shown above. (Yep, we'll start with 2!) The tags will include a background technique plus Wendy Vecchi's Clearly For Art and Tim Holtz' Frosty Film. We'll be using lots of other things so if you sign up, please get the list from For Keeps Sake.

Disclaimer: Any cancellations must be made at least 3 days prior to the meet-up. There will be no written directions or re-teaching of these tags. If you purchase the kit and can't make it, you will still receive the kit sans any additional things used in class (like paint, etc). 

Hope you can join us.

It's going to be another creative year!

Create Your Imagination . . .

Something new will be happening at our CYI meet-ups.

Join us on

Tuesday, December 10

6 pm

to find out what's new for 2014.

It's our Christmas gathering.

BYO fave appetizer or dessert


your decorated bottles


share what you've been up to this past month.


 PS: Please sign up for an appetizer or dessert HERE in the comment section.