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Happy Valentine's Day . . .

We normally don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day at our house. Exchange of cards is usually what we do. Maybe out for dinner the night before. That's about it.

But this year, my valentine of over 42 years made something for me that just blew me away:

Bill first set this enormous wood box in front of me.

I could tell it was hand made and it was pretty cool

and I was already thinking about what I could store in it.

He told me to open it and when I did

the box was lined in red felt.

I turned the felt back and found this:


It was an amazing wood heart and stand.

The heart is about 9" tall and 11.5" wide at the widest point.

The best part is he made it.

Carved it from basswood, sanded, stained and finished it.

Including the stand!



On the side was a tiny knob.

When I opened it, I found this:


A tiny cart filled with my blog logo

(with a slight twist on the words),

birds, ladybug, wheels that turn and much more.


Even the license plate he made has meaning to us.


He made every single little thing on this cart.


It's so wonderful and something I'll treasure forever.


Leah Montague

That is fabulous ! Great job Bill! I know you will treasure it forever, such a thoughtful gift!

Dianna Schneiderjohn

What a wonderful surprise. Just lovely!! You are one lucky lady.

Linda Mullins

How wonderful and touching! Two very talented people under one roof! Happy Valentines Day!

Becky Dunnell

Such a sweet guy!!

Fran Kopsky

Wow, that's a real treasure of a honey you have there!

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