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If you've been following along this week, you know it's Day 5 of the 

Ken Oliver Crafts - StencilGirl

blog hop.

Ken Oliver StencilGirl HOP BLOG HEADER

Today, it's my turn to show you how I've combined
elements from both teams.

Here's my project:

Fish 1


I started with a burlap canvas 

and used 


Fossil Fish

Pressed Leaves


Branching Blossoms


Ken Oliver Crafts Color Burst

Stencil Pressed Flowers onto the canvas with white gesso

Fish A


Added my favorite Color Burst colors to a palette.

Color Burst is a very fine powder that can be mixed with

water, gesso, embossing paste and a myriad of other things.

What's nice about that?

You can mix colors and not *water down* the gesso or embossing paste.

Fish B

I mixed with water.

Less water = stronger colors.

More water = transparent colors.

Fish E

Then started to lay in colors to create shadows and highlights.

Fish F


Fish G

I worked with a fairly dry brush as I wanted intense colors.

Fish H

Blended until I got this:

Fish 2


Next up, the fossil.

This time I used a sponge dipped in water and then into

the Color Burst colors.

I used a piece of watercolor paper

and dabbed color onto the fossil stencil.

The sponge was barely wet.

Fish I

Fish J


Then cut around the fish.

Fish K


Using more Color Burst, Ken Oliver's Click-It Ink Pads

and a stipple brush, I added more color to the fish

as well as around the edges of the paper.

Fish L


When I was satisfied with the color,

I sprayed the fish with GooseBumps Clear Texture Spray.

The fish was raised up on the canvas to create more dimension.

Fish 3


Thanks for visiting my post.

Please leave a comment for a chance to

win a prize from my blog

and visit my other blog hop partners:

StencilGirl Talk

Janet Joehlin


Maria McGuire



I love your project - the colors, the dimension. It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


Absolutely love your finished canvas. Sitting here is Hawaii you can imagine how inspiring it is. Everything here is so 'island style' Will need to try this when I get home. Perhaps using a burlap Kona Coffee bag for background.

Teresa Godines #6857

Love the background you created for that awesome fish. TFS

Linda Cameron

Awesome canvas - i love how the fish is raised off of it!


I love what you did with the fish.

Shari Czerwinski

Love it! Thanks for showing me a new technique!


Another winning piece done with Color Burst inks...Thanks for the step by step...
textilerecycler (at) yahoo (dot com)

Nancy Y

Gorgeous creation!!! Can't believe that fish is a stencil!!! Stunning work! Thank you for sharing!

Kimberly Carmichael

I really like this "seaweed" in this project.


Love the fish and techniques!

Cheryl W

Wow! Wow! Wow! Your project is amazing! I think you've got more talent in your little finger than I can muster in a lifetime.

Amy Jones #8546

Wow. Love all your details. Amazing job. This is a wonderful canvas.

Linda J

Thanks to you & all the artists who passed along sp many beautiful demos using so many techniques.

Linda J

Not sure if my post is being held or I did something wrong.
Just in case I am adding, because everything this week was so wonderful.

Nanette Leiker

I love the way you were able to put the details on your fossil fish! What a great way to use the Color Bursts product! Now I can't wait to work with this product 😊


Love the color effect on the fish. The composition on the canvas is inspiring. Thanks.


Here, fishy, fishy!

Cheri Wilson

This is so cool - love it.

Linda Polaretzki

Love the fish! The technique is simple, but I wouldn't have thought of it on my own. That's what I love about this blog week - give a bunch of people the same product and see so many different techniques!!!

Jean Bullock

This is beautifully done. I love the colors and the way you popped the fish to give it more dimension.

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