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Canvas Corp/7Gypsies Stitched Mini-Book . . .

It's no secret that I have loved and collected 7 Gypsies goodies for years.

To use the word *hoard* is putting it mildly.

Gyps 1

For this project, I combined new and old (and somewhat vintage)

7 Gypsies and Canvas Corp products

Gyps 2

The base of this book is a vintage 7 Gypsies chipboard book.

The book came with 3 signatures and holes pre-punched in the spine of the book.

I decided to combine the signatures with a current collection

to create a

Route 66 Foodie Recipe Book.

Gyps 3

Using 7 Gypsies Epicurean Collection,

I wallpapered the pages and created pockets for the Epicurean Recipe cards.

Gyps 4

Torn pockets, side pockets, top pockets, envelope pockets - always pockets!

Notice on the left side of the page,

I  used a former 7 Gypsies acrylic piece to cover an old photo.

These mini-round hangers make great pull tabs!

Gyps 5

Love the tiny kitchen charms!

The file folders made a perfect center for each signature.

They are adorable and come in many styles.

You can find them here:

Canvas Corp Brands File Folders

Gyps 7


Gyps 9

Sometimes, it's fun to use the back of the 7 Gypsies packaging

and add tiny images to  pages.

Gyps A

Another overlay from a former 7 Gypsies collection.

This one was supposed to be used on the 7 Gypsies carousel.

Thus the holes on the left side.

Ribbon threaded thru the holes dresses it up a bit.

Gyps B

The right side of this page is a fold out with more pockets.

Panel #1 on the right side with a chipboard belly band to hold in ephemera.

Gyps C

Fold out panel #2 with a belly band made out of laser cut chipboard from

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts

Gyps D

Fold-out #3 with pockets on the far left to hold recipe cards.

Gyps E

Gyps F

Gyps G

For this page, I wanted to hang some of these adorable

mini recipe cards.

I took a 7 Gypsies mini round hanger,

twisted the top to make a hook,

added the recipe cards

and to make sure they stayed on, glued a bead on the end of the hook.

Gyps H

Gyps J

Some collectible envelopes from 7 Gypsies (yes, part of my hoard)

and back of 7 Gypsies packaging in that tiny sailboat.

Gyps K

More pockets thanks to ephemera and 7 Gypsies tape used as a tab.

Gyps L

Hope you enjoyed my photo-torial

Gyps 1

See you next time!




This is a magnificent mini! YOu added so many whimsical touches and I love the innovative use of the circular clips! It's a treasure from cover to cover!

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