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Valentine's day card in less than . . .

This is a very quick and easy Valentine's Day card

CCB Val 1

you can get ready in no time at all.

  1. Cut a piece of cardstock (I used a piece of pink Bazzill) into a standard size (8.5" x 5.5")
  2. Score on the 8.5" side at 4.25" and fold in half  on the score mark
  3. Cut a piece of grey cardstock 5.25" x 4".  Fray ends of the grey cardstock with a Tonic edge distresser or the edge of a scissors.
  4. Cut a piece of Gypsy Moments paper: 20160212_124036 I cut from the left edge and a piece that measured 5" tall x 3.75" wide. Ink the white edges and set aside.
  5. Using small precision scissors and the rest of the flowers on the paper shown above, fussy cut individual flowers.
  6. You will have a small piece of decorative paper left. Cut a piece of the stripe side in a square about 2" x 2".
  7. Take the panel with the flowers on it and fold the right side in 2 directions: one small horizontal fold and one small vertical fold. Roll those edges back to create a window of sorts. (Thanks Laura Denison for this trick!)CCB Val 3 
  8. Place the 2" stripe square behind the window and then glue the panel down to the grey cardstock. The grey cardstock can then be adhered to the pink card front.
  9. Add a heart charm in the center of the window if desired.
  10. Using the fussy cut flowers from Step 5 and Crafty Foam Tape, adhere the flowers to the front of the card, overlapping onto the decorative paper.
  11. Add glitter where desired.

CCB Val 2

12.  Using a 2nd piece from Gypsy Moments, decorate the inside of your card before signing or adding a gift card. Add pearls to the front of the card (or I use Viva's Pearl Pens. They dry in under a minute!)20160212_124103

Love the vintage look of these papers!

And in less than 30 minutes, you can have a card ready to go on Valentine's Day.


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