2016 A Year in Review . . .
New year, new mini-book . . .

Today is Gotcha Day . . .

Thirty two years ago today a miracle happened. We were able to adopt a most beautiful baby boy.

My friends know our story . . . 

13+ years of marriage.

many surgeries

5 first trimester miscarriages

delivered a baby at 5 months pregnant

an ectopic pregnancy that burst

and then . . .

At the time, I was working at TWA.

Only a few people I worked with knew we had been trying to adopt.

We had been turned down by Catholic Charities because we were too old.

(Bill was 37 and I was 35!)


foreign adoptions were proving way too difficult

(remember this was the early 80's and the world was not quite as small as it is now).

My friend at the airline happened to take someone's place on a night shift.

A phone call came in from an adoption lawyer in Washington D.C.

He himself was adopted and had just located his birth brother

and was making reservations to fly to California to meet him for the first time.

My friend told him that I was trying to adopt and was having a difficult time because of our age.

He asked that I call his office (which, of course I did)

and told me that he had a friend in St. Louis who had just opened an adoption agency.

I was to call the St. Louis guy first and if he couldn't help, call the Washington lawyer back.

I made the phone call to the St. Louis guy.

We went thru a year of questions, forms, home visits and then . . .

a miracle in just one year.

We were able to adopt our baby boy.

He was 4 1/2 months old and beautiful.

And ours!

Family 1

The most wonderful Christmas gift we could have ever received.

Bill called him our lottery ticket. And yes, we definitely won.

Happy Gotcha Day baby boy.

We love you more than you'll ever know.


Reggie Lamb

How beautiful you are Nancy, as you are now & a beautiful family! A wonderful miracle! PTL!
Reggie 😘

Beth Ringhofer

I remember that day so well. No greater joy was felt by the new parents and their family and friends. Truly a story made from love and it continues today. They raised a truly wonderful man, officer and a gentleman! Love always, The Ringhofer's

trish Busby

What a story, Nancy. What a blessing from God. Bo was blessed with great parents who persevered.

Carol Loveless

WOW. Tears of happiness! Didn't know all that. How special to special people.

Jan Fleming

That is so beautiful. Have a lovely New year xxxx

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