A couple of things from Kansas City . . .
You've asked and now I can deliver . . .

Inspired by . . .

Have you ever bought anything, stored it and years later found it again? 


Silly question, huh!

That's just what happened with the stuff I purchased to do pocket letters.

Until this past weekend when I visited Vintage in KC, I forgot I had these supplies.

They had the cutest pocket letter pages.

It inspired me to create my own.

I'm submitting this to Stamping Ground's WOYWW,

because it is.

Details in a day or two.



Yep - I'm guilty of this, years worth of stash forgotten about. Great pockets, thank you for sharing your photos. Happy WOYWW, Lyns xx #20

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith

Oh, yeah, that sounds familiar! I love finding stuff I didn't know I had! It's like double the joy of getting it - first when you bought it and second when you found it! Your pocket letters look so much fun! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #26


Hi Nancy, oh yes, I have all sorts of stuff bought years ago here. Some forgotten until I find it whilst searching for something else entirely, some I tell myself I'm saving for a special project!Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #3 XxX


Oh you're in good company with the forgetting of what's exactly in your stash! I'm pretty good at using up stash straight away but have rediscovered quite a few fabrics recently and enjoyed using them up for charity projects. Hope you have fun using your forgotten treasure!
Hugs LLJ 6 xxxx

Jan Thompson

Great space and thanks for sharing xx Jan (36)


Of course! we all do it. Great stash though. Helen #1

Sarah Brennan

I'm so glad I'm not the only one to do this. It's great when you find the perfect item to do something; not that it ever stops us buying more LOL. Happy WOYWW Sarah #23

Rose McGuinn

Me too! I guess it's really not "silly" so much as a crafter phenomenon of a sort.Instead of UFO's, we might call such happenings "How'd I Lose Its" or HWI's
Lolz ;)
Happy WOYWW!
Rose #35


Definitely happens to me. Well done for your results. Thanks for sharing - Hazel, #25 x


I'm having to take my time getting round this week due to a bad head cold but I'll get there. What a question Lol! I often forget I have stuff and find them by accident. Happy belated woyww, Angela x19x


Oh yes, all the time! And sometimes, I find a bag that I tossed into my stamping room, and immediately forgot about it. Then I find it a few months later and WOW! Look what I found! Your pocket page looks fab! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #33 - but Mr Linky will take you to a page that says my post does not exist - Fake News! click on "home" and it will take you to the post!


I'm incredibly guilty of the buy n forget thing...I'm actually rather impressed that you knew where to find the supplies, and that you were inspired to use them whilst they're still a popular thing. They're going to be fab.

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