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My Carl Cutter Story . . .

If you've been in any of my workshops, you hear me talk about how much I love my Carl Cutter. My first good paper trimmer was a Carl Cutter. I purchased it about 15 years ago.


At the time, it was a bit pricey but I was going to use it for workshops and would be cutting several papers at once. Well, fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and . . .

After 15 years of every day use, the numbers and lines on the base were starting to wear off. I contacted the company, told them how old the paper trimmer was and that the numbers had worn off. Explained that I didn't expect them to do anything about it, but was wondering if they knew of anything I could use to re-number and re-line the base. 

I received an e-mail from the company: Did I know that the Carl Cutters have a limited lifetime warranty?  

No. If I did I forgot.

Send it in to us and we'll fix it for you.


A few days ago I received an update. The company apologized that the paper trimmer couldn't be fixed but . . . they were sending me a brand new one.


This just doesn't happen any more.

When was the last time you purchased something 15 years ago

and the company still stood by it's product.

Yesterday, I received my brand new Carl Cutter in the mail:

Carl Cutter

Isn't she a beauty!

And she was delivered with additional blades and an additional cutting mat.

Here's a link to the Carl Cutter website:

just in case you want your own Carl Cutter.

And just so you know, I wasn't paid to say this. I didn't get a replacement because I promised anything to the company. They didn't know I was going to post this. Their company motto is Carl, A Symbol of Quality. They surely live up to that.



Debbie G.

love to read these kind of stories; wonderful testimonial of the Carl Cutter company. I've been planning to purchase one; I've been using a Dahl and have heard so many good things about Carl.


Nice! I know you loved that thing!

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