WOYWW . . .
It's giveaway time . . .

On a quest in 2018 . . .

Posting this again, just in case you missed it earlier:

Lunar Sun Creations


My quest this year is to try things I haven't done before - at least as it pertains to paper crafts. 

Who are your favorite mini album makers?

Those that break the mold?

Those new to this that are thinking waaayyyyy outside the box?


Tristan Robin Blakeman

Well, you have discovered Katia at Lunar Sun Creations - I *think* I've used all of her tutorials, except one. I love her creativity and taking the "interactive" adjective seriously!

For just plain good old fashioned pretty and romantic, I believe Shellie Geigle at J&S Hobbies and Crafts (Shellie Hart Geigle on Youtube) does wonderful designs with a wide range of experience levels. Some are aimed towards beginners (though they look quite polished), and some are filled with die-cutting and fold-outs and lots of interactive elements for the more experienced paper crafter.

Then, for sturdy, heirloom quality work, with a no-nonsense approach to decorating, but an original eye for design and a never-ending litany of new and interesting project - filled with clever approaches to adding pages and interest, Kathy Orta King of Paper Phenomenon is one of the artisans who has been around the scene for awhile and constantly updates her own outlook.

I find these three women, along with Lea Muskotevc of Memories by Lea; Catherine Chapdelaine from So Much Scrap!; Terry of Terry's Scrapbooks; several of the designers at Country Craft Creations, especially Tamra Kilgore-Merrill; and the astounding designs for the stout-hearted of Anne of Anne's Paper Creations (xannero1 on youtube).

Although I do design my own albums, I've learned from and been inspired by all these women, who I think are among the 'best out there!' offering their talents and experience to others.

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