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MAM Aug 1

Hello fellow Mini Album Makers Challenge blog readers.

It's August 1 and that means new ideas from the team. 

For this mini, I decided to use some old envelopes I had laying around. They are chipboard policy envelopes and I thought they would make great sturdy pages.

MAM Aug 2

Next I used chipboard for the covers and spine and put that together with binding/packing tape. Added pretty paper to the front & back outside covers (not the spine though!), wrapped the paper to the inside of the covers and I was on my way.

Mam Aug 3

I wanted to use fabric to cover the binding. If you haven't used fabric before for the binding cover, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to use. 

Step 1:  Cut a piece of fabric that is 2" taller than the book and 4" wider than the binding. This will insure that you have enough fabric to wrap around to the front & back cover as well as fold over the top & bottom of the book.

Step 2: Add Artisan or Scor-Tape to the binding of the book, making sure to cover all of the binding. Also add score tape (at least 1" or 2" depending on your fabric) to the front & back outside covers.

Mam Aug 4

Step 3:  Remove the covering on the tape and (centering the fabric side-to-side and top-to-bottom) add the fabric, stretching all the wrinkles out of the fabric:

Mam Aug 5

At this point you will have about 1" of fabric leftover on both the top and bottom of your covers. Turn your book over to the inside.

Step 4: Add tape to the top and bottom of the inside of the book. Stretch the fabric over the top of the book and adhere with the tape. Repeat for the bottom.

Mam Aug 6

You won't believe what a difference using fabric to cover bindings makes. No more worrying about binding tears or paper stretching. It's so easy to work with!

And now for the twist I promised. I found this on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a try.

Step 1:  Create the Kathy Orta hidden hinge binding system as usual (see videos on You Tube for those instructions).

Normally with the hidden hinge system, you end with flaps on the side that need to be glued to the front & back cover. Not with this!

Step 2: Take those side flaps and fold them towards the back of the hidden hinge system. Glue them down.


You will still have the 1/4" or 1/2" front & back seam but those flaps on either side of the binding are neatly folded back and glued down. This will insure the entire binding system fits inside the spine.

And look how nice the back looks:


Simple but genius and so sturdy!

I have searched all over for the gal who posted this and can't find it either in my saved Pinterest or on You Tube. Would love to give her credit. If anyone finds her, please let me know.

And my mini is complete:



Note: Those beautiful floral laser cuts are courtesy of one of our generous sponsors, Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.

Now it's your turn!

Let's see what you have created and you may win a prize package from our 

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I love all the nature imagary you have added to this book. Thanks for all the great details on using fabric and binding of your book. x Amanda

Anne R

Nancy, I am in total awe of this gorgeous album! I love using fabrics in journals but have never tried this technique, nor the binding one, so thank you so much for sharing these, I would love to give them a try some time. Your album is so, so beautiful! Anne xx

Maria Lillepruun

Very beautiful album Nancy!~I adore such vintage papers with botanical and biological illustrations!


Nancy, I have some of that very fabric you used on this gorgeous album spine! It looks amazing with your choice papers and embellies. I just love this to bits and wish so badly I could hold it and rummage through the pages and pockets! The hidden hinge is really a neat idea and I need to give it a try! Thanks so much for the steps. I would never have thought to use packing tape then adhere the fabric. What an easy and awesome method! Big hugs, Autumn

Judith Cowell

This would be a great class. I always learn from u and do better with hands on. Thank you


Nancy, This is just brilliant!

Jennie Atkinson

Wowsers Nancy! what a fabulous album. Thank you so much for explaining and sharing the fabric and binding techniques. Logged here for future reference! Your choice of papers and embellishments make for a really stunning album. Jennie x

Gail Scott

Once fabulous journal - I am loving all the elements - I have used that hidden binding system in the past - worked great for me too- have a blessed week

Margaret Mifsud

This is an amazing album Nancy!! The cover is so gorgeous and I love the new twist to the hidden hinge binding .. absolutely fabulous !! The inside looks amazing too! Stunning creation!! Have a wonderful day!! hugs xx

Heather Maxwell

Beautiful Nancy!! I love all the layers everywhere and those papers are fabulous!

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