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A little trip to Nancy-Land . . .

As you may know,

when my son was in second grade he dubbed my craft room 


and the name stuck.


Today, I'm working on my version of a 

Junque Journal.

And while I'm waiting for glue to dry

thought I'd give you a look inside my world.

IMG_6163I have a wall of wood mounted stamps that are some of my

all-time favorites.

I can't get rid of them.

And on the counter top is my

paint and altered station. 

And here's a little story about a couple of those stamps:

I was a HUGE fan of Tim Holtz when he first appeared on

Carol Duvall show & did some demos for Club Scrap.

When I started working at

For Keeps Sake

I would go to the Craft & Hobby Shows with the owners.

The first booth I would go to is wherever Tim was featured.

And believe it or not . . . 

there were no lines, he was sitting there by himself

and he was giving away autographed stamps.


And this is the very first Tim stamp I received. Still one of my all-time favorites.

Further down the same painting station counter is my

Big Shot


and across from the Big Shot

are some of my favorite/frequently used dies.


Nothing is fancy or pretty but it is functional and organized

and it works for me and my Crafty Crew.


At the end of the counter is a spinner with random inks.

The inks I use the most are on my island work station.

On the other side of the painting station

are more stamps

in labeled bins and sorted by type.


i.e. background & border stamps:


I need some of my favorite things hanging,

easily accessible

& in my sight line.

If I can't see my stuff I forget about it.

The rolling cart has 12x12 specialty paper from various companies like

Club Scrap.


There's more to Nancy-Land

but I think I've probably overwhelmed with stuff.

I really admire people who have nice & tidy craft rooms

all put away and beautiful.

But obviously that's not me.

And having worked in this industry in one way or another for

well over 20 years, I've got quite a collection.

This is what I pull from when I'm working on projects.


The coffee is on.

Wish you could come over and play!

I miss my crafty friends.

I love anything old . . .

Right now that's a good thing since the government has officially called

me, my husband and most of my friends "old".


The truth is, I don't feel old although I love everything that's old.

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with my Grandma's furniture.

Along with my friend Elaine, I've been collecting antiques since high school.


When I was in high school, my Mom let me decorate my room

in any decor I wanted.

So I chose an antique chest from my Grandma's basement

and altered it with

antique green paint and hand painted flowers.


So it's no surprise that I am obsessed with

Junk/Junque Journals

With some available down time from DT projects

this book is in my radar again.


Hopefully can get a couple more pages finished.