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A darling gem in Stillwater MN . . .


Bud Weiser and I were able to take some time off and travel to the wonderful town of 

Stillwater MN.

Of course I looked for an independently owned craft store and found

Rose Mille.

Wow! What an amazing store.

It's chock full of wonderful finds

perfect for projects of any kind and a junk journalers (is this a word?) dream.

Take a look:



I was only able to stay a few minutes because 

Mr. Bud Weiser was with me and we were on another mission,

but I will definitely be back.

Ribbons galore including strips of silk velvet,

Victorian scrapbook pages,

glass glitter (the real thing!)

millinery items like tiny flowers and such,


and this room (above) that is filled with

German Scrap Paper.

Be still my heart! I've never seen so much in one spot. 

I picked up a couple of things

and then had some more things shipped from their amazing online site:

Rose Mille online shopping.

This quintessential store is open Friday & Saturday only,

but they will process orders Monday thru Friday.


Sign up for their newsletter or visit their blog here:

Rose Mille Blog

One quick stop and I'm a huge fan and follower including their

Pinterest Page.

Can't wait to go back and maybe take a class or two!


Anyone ready for a road trip?