So one day I had a problem . . .
Love these new designs . . .

Random . . .

Hi Everyone.

This week I'm all over the place with various projects. Thought I'd share some ideas with you.

I started a mini book using Graphic 45 papers and some die cuts from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts and Alpha Stamps.

This Fleur border is so pretty and elegant looking
but made from chip so nice and sturdy.

I painted the border in off-white and let dry thoroughly.

After painting the Peacock Feather with Tim Holtz crayons, 

I used it as a tuck behind under the flip.

Both the border and feather were finished off with

Glossy Accents.

Next, I started playing with the new Tracers.

Using the mid-size Envelope Tracers 1,

I created this envelope for the mini-book

I'm working on.

and used Graphic 45 buttons to close the envelope.
Just trace the size you want on the paper you want to use.
Cut the outline out.
Score on the inside lines provided in the 
chipboard pattern and . . . voila!
I had a comment asking how to use the
Edge Tracers.

Below you'll find a list of all the ways to use the

Edge Tracers.

Above are the 3 sizes of Edge Tracers 
of just one of the many available patterns.
The largest pattern (shown in black above)
is 8.5" wide making it great for mini-books.
The mid-pattern (shown in yellow above)
is 6.5" wide, also a good size for smaller mini-books.
The smallest pattern (brown)
is 5.5" wide, a great size for card makers.
Choose the size that works best for your project and . . . 
    Use the pattern upside down (see photo above) and use as a top flip for a mini-book.
  2. Turn the pattern to the right or left and use as side flips or pockets.
  3. Turn the decorative side of the pattern upwards and use as bottom flips or pockets.
  4. Use the smallest size for card making. At 5.5" tall, it's perfect for a layered look in cards or to use as the opening of the card.
Here's a couple of samples using the smallest Edge Tracer:
The smallest Tracer is a perfect size for card makers. Simply trace, cut and apply.
Here's a sample with the Edge Tracer at the top of the card. 
Wouldn't this make a pretty envelope topper as well?

. . . and a sample of the Edge Tracer on the side of the card.
Add decorative elements or use it as a pocket.
Here's some ideas to use Edge Tracers for mini books:


Couple of Hints:
  1. The photo above shows an edge tracer that is wider than the book page. Once the Edge Tracer is traced and cut, center the cut piece on the page and trim the edges. Or you could tuck those edges under the page.
  2. If you want to use an Edge Tracer as a flip, I would add a 1/2" to the long flat edge of the tracer, score and use that 1/2" as the attachment to the page.

I hope this gives you some ideas for the
In the meantime, have fun finding ways to use your



So miss classes with you. The best days were spent with you, scoring and gluing and making beautiful books.

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