And what to my wondering eyes should appear . . .

Graphic 45's Children's Hour

Feb 1

This is a beautiful collection for our new set of workshops

featuring tags turned into cards


Checkered Cottage, Kirkwood MO.

Feb 2

Very excited to be working with Graphic 45 materials again in 2016.

Although I'm still adding bits and pieces,

here's what I've had in mind:

Feb 3

Hope to see you


Checkered Cottage, Kirkwood MO

for this series of once-a-month workshops.

What a weekend . . .

Such a wonderful gathering of artful women at

Laura Denison's Follow the Paper Trail to St. Louis.


There were 57 Paper Doodles in attendance.

Laura wanted to teach 50 people total but didn't want to leave anyone out

so . . . we were able to add a few more.

Upcoming Laura Denison weekend workshops include:

2016: Las Vegas Nevada and Salem Massachusetts

2017: Anchorage Alaska (Alyeska Resort)


one more that we're keeping a secret!

In the meantime, I'm trying to get samples complete

for upcoming workshops.

The brand new Graphic 45 papers are supposed to be delivered next week!

I can't wait to get my hands on boxes and boxes of goodness.

So far I have these samples going (although not complete):

This will be a 4 month long mini-book at Checkered Cottage

(dates, times, etc TBA)

We will be using Graphic 45's Mixed Media Album


Two Deluxe Collector's Edition per person of my favorite: Botanicabella

Workshop 1

Also working on Graphic 45's Christmas Carol mini-book.

One workshop will be using Maya Road's mini-book.

Workshop 2

I'll be teaching this workshop


Scrapbook Generation in Springfield MO

Along with this mini, I will also be teaching

Graphic 45 Christmas Cards


a home decor item where we will combine G45 with Kaisercraft 

All 3 classes at Scrapbook Generation = $99

including pizza Friday night and box lunch Saturday.

DATES: October 2 & 3, 2015

Contact Scrapbook Generation to sign up

Also coming in October:
October 9 and 10, 2015
Very excited to be going to Mary's
and teaching
a signature book with G45's Botanicabella
October 17 - Memphis TN
I am thrilled to be traveling to
for a mini-book workshop featuring
Although I don't have a photo yet of the project,
we'll be creating 3 sections in the Mixed Media Album:
Christmas Past
Christmas Present
Christmas Future
October 23 - 24, 2015:
Our popular Graphic 45 weekend gets started
Checkered Cottage
Graphic 45 Christmas Cards
a home decor item
Hope you can join
For Keeps Sake Events
for a two day workshop
with pizza on Friday evening
box lunch on Saturday.
Hope we see you on the road with

Channeling my inner Linda . . .

Do you know Linda?

She's one of the talented creators behind the samples at

Checkered Cottage.


Linda's samples are crisp, clean and detailed without being overly done.

I love them.

She inspired me with her samples

so I dug in my blue-green leftover paper drawer


and made the above two cards.



I just purchased this butterfly stamp at the Checkered Cottage

in their resale section.


Checkered Cottage has lots of beautiful stamps

both brand spanking new and in their resale section.

I always seem to find something!


Stop by Checkered Cottage (Kirkwood MO)

and see what Linda has created.

You can purchase the instructions for each of Linda's cards as well.