I love anything old . . .

Right now that's a good thing since the government has officially called

me, my husband and most of my friends "old".


The truth is, I don't feel old although I love everything that's old.

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with my Grandma's furniture.

Along with my friend Elaine, I've been collecting antiques since high school.


When I was in high school, my Mom let me decorate my room

in any decor I wanted.

So I chose an antique chest from my Grandma's basement

and altered it with

antique green paint and hand painted flowers.


So it's no surprise that I am obsessed with

Junk/Junque Journals

With some available down time from DT projects

this book is in my radar again.


Hopefully can get a couple more pages finished.

Looking forward to 2020 . . .

Are you ready for a new beginning?


2020: A Year In Focus 

is waiting for you

on the

Button Farm site.

My latest mini is chock full of pages for the entire year.

You'll find places for many photos

on each page

with each page dedicated to one month of the year 2020.


For this project I used gorgeous Graphic 45 papers and embellishments.

This is the first kit of its kind 

and the most jammed packed kit ever with

 Button Farm.

Pressed for time?

Work one page a month, adding photos as you go.

Here's a look at February:


Take a look at the video to see each page of the year

and get ready to display your favorite photos


There are kits available right now, right here:

2020 A Year In Focus

And you don't have to be a member

to purchase my kits


The Button Farm Club

Every now and then . . .

there's a chance to create something from my stash.


And we all have plenty of stash.

This past week I've played with Graphic 45's Rectangle Tag & Pocket Album.

As I was building the inter-active pages, this album grew . . .

and grew . . .

and grew . . .

to the point that if I kept all the pages in it, it would look more like an

encyclopedia with all the volumes squeezed between 2 book covers.


So I tore every other signature out of the book.

It wasn't pretty.

But somebody had to do it.

And ended up covering the rather large seams with a strip of red checked paper.


That worked just fine until I got to the last signature to tear out

and I had already decorated it.

Oh man. All that work gone to waste? Nope.

I added it to the inside back cover so that it opened as a tri-fold.


And now my book closes - sort of.

It's still an alligator mouth but not so much any more.

Just a baby 'gator.


Playing along with

Stamping Ground's WOYWW.


Finishing up the book today.

And entering it into the

Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge 


Make it Real/Shabby