Catch of the Day for Button Farm . . .


My latest Button Farm mini-album


Graphic 45 Catch of the Day.

This was such a fun album to work on.


Yes, it's still inter-active

and as always

the Graphic 45 images are detailed and amazing to work with.


A Tim Holtz knob helps with the closure that also features

a Graphic 45 tag and an anchor charm.


Two waterfalls will hold lots of photos from your latest outing,

Father's Day, 4th of July, a summer's weekend or a fishing trip.

You can find more photos on the

Button Farm site including a video walk through.

Hope you like it!

Do You Have A Minute, Part 3 . . .


What is a junk journal? According to google, "a Junk Journal is a handmade book of recycled and found materials and ephemera. The pages can be used to write, draw, paint or record memories, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. The finished junk journal can become anything you want." 

Since I'm using up these gorgeous Graphic 45 Cottage Life papers, I'm calling this a "junque" journal. Everything sounds fancier in French! Below you'll find photos of the last couple of pages.

IMG_0265Since I'm not sure how I'm going to use this yet,

I decided to keep a space for photos.

When I design a page, I like to repeat

a little something I did on the page prior


the fussy cut roses.

If I'm using a belly band on a page, 

I don't want my tickets, cards, tags to fall through the bottom,

so I make a "ledge"

by cutting a strip and raising the bottom of the strip

with pop-ups.

It's a "catch-all".


On to the next page.


Tags, note cards, etc through a belly band again.

The  blue tag is cut in 1/3 and decorated with Dare To Dream

then glued to the belly band.

Hanging tickets are skinny and fun to do!


I decided to cut off the side of the last page

so that it also would measure 8" wide.

Then added papers to the 3 pockets

and a bit of vintage lace.


Not sure what I'm going to use this for yet,

but ready for the next trip,

outing with the girls,

or reminders that I need.

Thanks for visiting!


Graphic 45 Cottage Life continued . . .

CL1Still playing with my file folder junque journal.

I've added a couple of things to the cover:

a cottage cut apart


Dwell In Possibility cut apart


and a partial tag with a charm


The moved on to the inside. This is the inside front cover:


The roses in the lower left corner are fussy cut and tucked behind is a tag

with lots of removeable parts:



The first page is created by taking an 8.5x11 cardstock,

cut it down to 8" x 11"

and score on the 11" side at 3" and at 3-1/2".

The 1/2" is attached to the spine of the file folder.

The 3" becomes a pocket.

The remainder becomes a page where

I attached journaling pages.




You can see the blue cardstock spine in the photo below.

The rest of the cardstock page becomes a place for photos.



More tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Do You Have A Minute . . .


Well, more than a few minutes for this one.

I'm using my leftover papers from the last

Graphic 45 Card Club Kit with Cottage Life.

In my stash I found a Pendaflex file folder that has 3 pockets

and am using that to create a small junk journal.

Here's the inside showing the 3 pockets.


Cool huh!

I cut the folder down to a height of 8".

Decorated the front cover and am working on the inside.

Join me tomorrow for more photos.


Come One, Come All . . .


While waiting for some new product

I've been working on my

Graphic 45 Come One, Come All 


As we all do, I hoard Graphic 45 everything

and found these envelopes in my stash.

I wanted to glue these down to a page.

Problem is, I like the back as much as I like the front.

I'm cutting them apart, making hinges and using both sides.

Step 1: Cut off a sliver from the bottom of the envelope.


Step 2: I "round" the envelope to get a good look at

one of the side seams and then

cut along the side seam to open up the envelope.



Then cut down the other seam so you have a separate

back from the front.

Step 3: Cut off the envelope flap at the top of the 

"Timeless" tag.


Step 4: Create 3 seams for the front of the envelope.

One for each side and one for the bottom.

Attach 1/2 of each seam to the inside left, right and

bottom of the envelope front.


Note: I didn't make a gusset for my seams.

But if you want to "stuff" this envelope with goodies,

make sure you create a gusset.

Step 5: Attach the seams to the main page of your book.

Then attach the top fold-over to the page,

making sure the fold covers the front part of the

main envelope.


The above photo shows my envelope on the page

with my leftover Timeless tag.

Below is another page I did, using the same cuts

with the red envelope and the Timeless tag.


Super easy and fast to create!