Do You Have A Minute . . .

This post may be inspiration for your Graphic 45 Card Club Kit leftovers.

The ideas are designed to be completed in just a few minutes.

Hidden Paper Clips

For this project you will need:

  • Scraps from your Graphic 45 Let It Bee card kit
  • Paper clip of any size, one for each hidden paper clip you want to make. I like to use the large size (2" clips)

1.  Cut 2 pieces of Let It Bee scraps: one that is 4" x 2-3/4" and one that is 4-1/4" x 2-3/4".  (The smaller piece won't be seen       when this is complete.)  Fold each in half.

2.  With the smaller piece folded in half, insert the paper clip over the fold side.
IMG_7623 IMG_7624

3.  Place wet glue on one side of the small piece and over the paper clip and glue to the inside of the larger scrap. Then repeat with the opposite side so that the larger piece completely covers the paper clip piece.

 Instead of 2 pieces of decorative cardstock, you can use one piece of decorative cardstock for the outside and a piece of regular printer paper for the inside. I like to use two pieces of cardstock as it makes the entire clip a little stronger. And, of course, your cardstock can be cut any size you wish.

4. Add decorative elements to the outside of your clip. I've also made larger clips and added pockets with tiny tucks inside the pocket.


Use these in your planner,

a book,

a greeting card to hold money or a gift card,

in your mini books or junk journals.

The possibilities are endless.



Have fun creating!

Do You Have A Minute . . .

This post may be inspiration for your Graphic 45 Card Club Kit leftovers.

The ideas are designed to be completed in just a few minutes.


My friend Maria introduced me to these planners

and I've been hooked ever since.

With notes everywhere, I have paper clips etc everywhere

capturing ideas, don't forgets and everything in between.


Let It Bee

and leftovers from the Let It Bee Club Card Kit.


I chose to decorate a July page as that's when most of the bees

in our area are the busiest.

First, the page was covered almost all the way

from top to bottom and side-to-side.

Then a piece of leftover polka dot paper was 

adhered to a pocket.

Followed by fussy cutting of those gorgeous sunflowers.

The sunflowers were only adhere at the bottom

so I could use them as tuck behinds.


Added a divet (half a 2" circle punch) to the pocket

to make those notes easier to find.

A strip at the top of the page completes the look.


After cutting out some favorite images, 

I backed them with plain cardstock for my note taking.

Added them to the tuck-behind sunflowers and pocket

and in a few minutes my planner page is finished.

Do You Have A Minute . . .


Here's a super quick idea 

you might be able to use with your

Graphic 45 Alice's Tea Party

card kit club leftovers.

Book Marks!

They're flat on purpose so as not to distort your current read.

IMG_7611Add a photo of your child, grandchild, pup or kitten

and pop it into your book.


For this one, I used a kraft knife to cut out the center of the frame

and replace it with my Lacey dog.


Add bows to stick out of the top of the book.

Can you imagine how delightful it would be

for a Grandma to receive one of these with her 

Grandchild's photo!

A precious addition to your greeting cards.

WOYWW . . .


Playing along today with

"What's on your work desk Wednesday".


I can't get by without my glue bottle stand from

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts,

even when it needs a bit of repair.

Clips hold it together while the glue is drying

but it still holds my glue bottle the way it should.


And working on a Graphic 45 mini-album with

Come One, Come All Collection.


Have a great week everyone!

Come One, Come All . . .


While waiting for some new product

I've been working on my

Graphic 45 Come One, Come All 


As we all do, I hoard Graphic 45 everything

and found these envelopes in my stash.

I wanted to glue these down to a page.

Problem is, I like the back as much as I like the front.

I'm cutting them apart, making hinges and using both sides.

Step 1: Cut off a sliver from the bottom of the envelope.


Step 2: I "round" the envelope to get a good look at

one of the side seams and then

cut along the side seam to open up the envelope.



Then cut down the other seam so you have a separate

back from the front.

Step 3: Cut off the envelope flap at the top of the 

"Timeless" tag.


Step 4: Create 3 seams for the front of the envelope.

One for each side and one for the bottom.

Attach 1/2 of each seam to the inside left, right and

bottom of the envelope front.


Note: I didn't make a gusset for my seams.

But if you want to "stuff" this envelope with goodies,

make sure you create a gusset.

Step 5: Attach the seams to the main page of your book.

Then attach the top fold-over to the page,

making sure the fold covers the front part of the

main envelope.


The above photo shows my envelope on the page

with my leftover Timeless tag.

Below is another page I did, using the same cuts

with the red envelope and the Timeless tag.


Super easy and fast to create!