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Timi Taylor and I own and operate

For Keeps Sake Events.

We produce weekend crops in the Midwest area

as well as 

produce weekend events for paper craft artists whose work inspires us.


We are changing up our crops a bit

and adding more fun things to our weekends



we know you love to shop,

we know you love to get free gifts


we want you to know how much we appreciate

each and every one of you.

Jump over to our site and enjoy the ride!

For Keeps Sake Events

A Book of Memories - Revised Edition . . .

I cannot say enough good things about Laura Denison's A Book of Memories. This one I revised a bit:

  • It is 8.5" tall x 6.25" wide. (The original pattern was 10" tall x 8" wide.)
  • The binding on this one is 2.75" compared to the original 4.5".
  • I used a Laura Denison's perfect hinge binding for the inside pages.
  • Broke up (?) the outside/inside bindings and used bookbinding tape to secure the hinges.

Here's what I ended up with:

Book 1

Most of the papers and embellishments were from

Prima's Time Traveler.

Book 2

You can see in the photo above that I used 3 separate pieces

for the inside hinges.  In Laura's instructions, she had these

3 pieces all joined together. I left mine separate.

Book 3


Book 4


Book 5


Book 6


Book 7

Thanks for looking.